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What are a few educational games for toddlers?

Updated at: Feb 06, 2013
Tips for Parent
Written by: Dr Poonam SachdevPublished at: Feb 06, 2013
What are a few educational games for toddlers?

Do you know you can teach a lot while playing with the toddler and it can be real fun? Toddlers love to play with their parents. They can enjoy playing group games with other children but adult assistance and supervision is needed.

  • When looking for indoor activities for your child please choose activities and games that encourage gross motor skills, observation and discovery, imagination, hand-eye coordination, and listening skills.
  • For physical development, games like hopping, running and jumping are good coordination. To make it more interesting count and see who can do more. This way they learn to count as well.
  • To promote listening skills use cassettes that have pre-recorded animal sounds or rhymes. There are lot of resources available online that can help you teach your child learn alphabets both in Hindi and English and other languages spoken worldwide. You can ask the child to recognize the animal sound or the alphabet. To teach them more ask your child to say a word with the concerned alphabet.
  • Puzzles are good for hand-eye coordination, observation and brain development. Get age appropriate puzzles. These can help teach basics like opposite words, shape identification, names of the color, homes of different animals, seasons in a year.
  • Creative activities and games, like clay moulding, or coloring, improve creative exploration. Most children love to color. Coloring books are good for hand-eye coordination and motor development.

Learning games stimulate the growth and development of their mind, social and cognitive skills, and physical coordination. The games you get need not be elaborate or expensive. They can be simple games which evoke their interest and actively engage your child in learning.




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