What is the Expected Duration of Cheilosis

Updated at: Dec 22, 2014
What is the Expected Duration of Cheilosis

People with health disorders such as anemia, diabetes and immune deficiencies are particularly vulnerable to cheilosis. Once the underlying cause is corrected, healing usually is quick.

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Each year, thousands of Americans suffer from angular cheilosis. This painful disease is also referred to as angular cheilitis, cheilosis, angular stomatitis or perleche. There have been studies around this disease and research shows that nutritional deficiencies are among its many causes. People who are deficient in vitamin B1, vitamin B12, and iron have been found to be more susceptible to this skin condition. It has also been observed that elderly people are more prone to suffering from this disease because they experience a loss of vertical dimension. This is mainly due to loss of teeth that can result to the over-closure of their mouth.

Once the underlying cause is corrected, healing usually is quick.

Expected Duration of Cheilosis

Home Remedies for Healing Chapped Lips and Cracked Mouth Corners
Treatment includes the following steps:

  • Correcting the deficiency state
  • Providing adequate energy, protein, fluids and nutrients to promote healing.
  • Application of any emollient cream over the affected area
  • Take temperate, non-spicy foods and fluids to avoid further irritation to the lips and mouth.
  • Drink at least 6­8 cups of fluid per day.

Correction of avitaminosis is the primary objective with emphasis on large amounts of vitamins B-2, B-6 and B-12. You can get them over the counter from any drug store.

Also any emollient cream can be applied to the affected area and cuts for relief. Relief is noticed very soon after taking these vitamins. In about a week time, recovery is expected.

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