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What to Expect during Pregnancy

Updated at: Oct 21, 2011
Written by: Aditi DasguptaPublished at: Oct 11, 2011
What to Expect during Pregnancy

What to Expect during Pregnancy? Initial planning is important for coping with pregnancy and the related complications but you should be aware of what to expect in this condition first.

Pregnancy can be uncertain for women in most cases but an initial planning is a must that specifically familiarises the mother on what she should expect during pregnancy:

  • During the first trimester, pregnant women should be extremely careful. Internal changes during this time happen quickly while the external symptoms remain invisible physically. Pregnant women must expect hormonal fluctuations but these can differ from one body type to the other.
  • Brief stretches of nausea attack should be expected during pregnancy. Some women are more sensitive to hormonal changes and therefore, should exercise and pay extra care while eating or travelling. At times, some women suffer from fits of morning sickness which happens due to increased levels of estrogen and progesterone in the body. This can be triggered from smoke, various food items being cooked or even perfume odour. This can be prevented by smelling soap or avoiding those particular odours to a certain possible extent. Avoid dusty areas as well. Some women, these days, also go for customised acupuncture sessions to get rid of morning sickness. But this should be practised under the guidance and recommendation of your health care practitioner.
  • Some women witness small amounts of blood during pregnancy. This happens because of increased blood pressure or increase in the palpitation of the heart. One must rush to the nearest health care practitioner in such cases.
  • Pregnant women should expect certain tenderness in the breasts, fullness or even heaviness. Markets offer a wide range and a variety of customised brassieres meant to support the breasts and prevent them from turning soar.
  • Frequent urination, especially during the night, is another symptom to expect during pregnancy. This happens due to an increase in the size of the urinary tract and the bladder. The trick is to avoid caffeine and water consumption after your last meal, which should be at least one to two hours before you retire for the day. Another substitute is to wear a panty liner which can give you a tension-free sleep.
  • Fatigue and feeling lightheaded is the most common symptom faced by pregnant women. This usually happens due to lowered blood sugar levels, low blood pressure levels, loss of energy, hunger or prolonged stress. One must give proper rest to the body, in the first two trimesters to avoid bouts of fatigue and dizziness. One can also opt for brisk walking sessions, light aerobics or yoga exercises to increase the stamina of the body. But this should be done under the strict guidance of your doctor.
  • Vaginal bleeding, in case of discharge of fresh red blood, should be a cause of worry, during pregnancy. This should be taken seriously and one should seek the doctor for help.
  • During pregnancy, women develop tastes or a distastes for certain food items. This happen due to major hormonal changes occurring in the body.
  • Pregnant women can also expect constipation or heart burn during pregnancy. This can be regulated by an abstinence from spicy food items, including roughage in your diet and drinking loads of water!
  • Some women can also expect paranoia, mood swings and depression during pregnancy. This can be tackled with regular counselling sessions and avoiding stress-related situations.


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