What to Expect after your Baby arrives

Updated at: Feb 02, 2013
What to Expect after your Baby arrives

Newborn Care - After your baby arrives, there’s a lot to think about. Are you unsure of what to expect when your baby finally arrives? Are you getting nervous about the days and weeks following the birth? Let's t

Written by: Rory CoenPublished at: May 23, 2011

Women with her babyIf this is your first child, then you are about to enter into a whole other world the second s/he emerges.  It promises to be a special moment for you and your partner, and indeed all your friends and relatives who will be wishing you and the new addition to your family all the best for the future.  So, what are you expecting?

Family & Friends

You are going to be very tired for a few days after the birth, but your friends and family won’t understand this.  They’ll think you are so over-powered with love and life that you could stay awake forever talking about the baby’s future and prospective baby names; even the mothers who come to visit you will somehow forget how tired they were when they gave birth.  These people will bring with them cards, gifts, fruit, flowers, baby-clothes, toys, pretty much anything they can get their hands on at short-notice. 

Manage your nap-time

The night will never be same again, or so it might feel; your baby will awake numerous times during the night for various reasons and you will need to feed him, which will leave you feeling exhausted and drained during the day when there are other chores to be done.  But don’t get bogged down doing these when your baby sleeps during the day, for his nap time should also be your nap time. 

The expense that comes with raising a child can sometimes be overwhelming and you may see yourself going over budget time and time again.  It may take time before you can get a handle on what it actually costs to manage a child from week to week, but one thing is for sure, it will be more expensive than you thought.


There may be times when the whole experience just gets too much for you and you want to just give it; this is of course perfectly normal and even the best mothers go through phases where they just need a couple of hours to themselves without any worry or feeling of maternal guilt. 


You’ll make mistakes; that’s a given, even for the more experienced mothers.  The only problem is that their experience means that the mistakes are forgotten about as soon as they are made; they understand that it is impossible to be 100 per cent on the ball when it comes to a baby’s needs.  You will not understand this straight away and will probably beat yourself up over every tiny error of judgment that you make.  Again, this is quite normal, and as long as you learn from the mistakes and move on with a proactive and positive approach, then no harm is done.

Now let’s hope this will give you an insight into what lies ahead, and remember that the bond you make with your child during the special few weeks and months after child-birth is very special and will never be broken, as tenuous and all as it might get.


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