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    Get Pregnancy Result at the Earliest

    Pregnancy By Bhadra Kamalasanan , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Apr 13, 2012
    Get Pregnancy Result at the Earliest

    EPT pregnancy test is one of the best home pregnancy tests in terms of helping a woman know whether she is pregnant or not as early as possible.

    If you are impatient and cannot wait to find out your status of your pregnancy then here is a good option for you. The EPT pregnancy test gives a result faster than others.


    ept pregnancy testAn EPT pregnancy test is one of the best home pregnancy tests that help a woman know whether she is pregnant sooner than most other home pregnancy tests. It can help a woman know whether or not she is pregnant as early as four days before period is due. The earlier a woman knows she is pregnant, the earlier she can start taking care of herself and the baby.

    How Does EPT Work?

    To make EPT work, a woman needs to take samples of her urine. When a woman is pregnant, her body is secretes the Human Chronic Gonadotropin hormone. Samples of urine are needed to check for the presence of this hormone, which confirms conception. The best time to go through the EPT, according to doctors, is the day after a woman has had a missed period. Most importantly, the urine that is used to test for pregnancy should be the first morning urine because it will have the highest concentration of HCG to have a successful test.


    How to Use the EPT Pregnancy Test?

    To derive the accurate results, you must know how to use it. There are two types of EPT pregnancy test, namely, manual and digital.


    Manual EPT Pregnancy Test

    • Open the package and remove the tester just before using it.
    • Take the cap off and keep it aside. Take the tester by the grip on one end so the other end faces downwards.
    • Place the tip of the tester in the direction of the flow of urine for about 5 seconds. If you feel uncomfortable placing the tester while urinating, use a cup of urine and place the tester on it for 20 seconds. Ensure that the tip faces down whatever method you use.
    • Lay the tester on a counter and wait for two minutes for the tester to give the results.
    • If the window shows a ‘+’ sign, you are pregnant and if it shows a ‘-’ sign, you are not pregnant.

    Digital EPT test

    • Open the package and pull the tester out. Take the cap off the tester.
    • Look out for the purple arrows on the tester and the test holder. Align the arrows with each other. Place the tester inside the test holder and push until you feel a click.
    • Place the tip of the tester into the flow of urine for 5-7 seconds or in a cup of urine for 15 seconds.
    • Hold the tester and watch out for a “test ready” indicator about 30 seconds post removing the tip from the urine. Leave the tester for 30 seconds to see either ‘pregnant’ or ‘not pregnant’ message.

    An EPT test can tell you about the state of your pregnancy at the earliest, do try it.

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