What does your nose tell about your personality

Updated at: Apr 05, 2016
What does your nose tell about your personality

You facial features can give away more about you than you realize. The shape of your nose can be more than just your best feature. People have used facial feature analysis in order to determine certain characteristics of a person. Read on to find

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Face can be the window to a person’s soul. Our mind picks up subtle clues about a person by their facial features. So the shape of your nose might be revealing more about you than you realize. There is a wide variety of shapes of noses, and each little attribute tells something unique.

What does your nose tell about your personality

These are the different shapes of noses and what they tell about your personality.


Straight nose

Straight nose is considered to be an attractive feature in many cultures around the world. People with a straight nose are typically very logical and practical: they will be the ones least likely to panic under a demanding situation. They tend to keep their emotions to themselves and are very professional and practical while dealing with people outside their trusted circle of close friends and family.


Big nose

Irrespective of the length of the nose bridge, big noses are characterized by wide tips and large nostrils. People with big noses are generally very independent. They despise working under someone else’s orders and prefer to be in control of everything. People with big noses generally make good leaders and enjoy power.


Curved nose

People who have a nose which is slightly curved towards the end are generally confident and do not follow other people or trends. They value their beliefs and tend to adhere to them strongly. People with curved nose are somewhat similar to people with big noses, but they are oblivious to what other people think about them and more focused on achieving their objectives.


Small nose

Short noses are small in width and length, however they are not snub or flat on the contrary tend to be straight, but just smaller in size. People having small noses are creative and spontaneous. They however lack patience and have frequent emotional outbursts. Not considering their short fuse, they are usually pretty fun to have around, and have the knack of turning even the most boring of tasks into fun activities.


Roman nose

Roman nose, also known as aquiline nose is a nose shape where the bridge of nose is very prominent. People having Roman nose are usually very headstrong and strong willed. They are usually very organized and determined, and are efficient at what they do. People with roman noses are very serious and hardworking individuals.


Nubian nose

This nose shape attributes a long nose with a wide base. People with Nubian noses are very charismatic and alluring. They are smart and know how to get their way with people. They are very open minded but can sometimes be sensitive to criticism, though they mostly handle emotions very well.


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