What do your toes reveal about you

Updated at: Jul 22, 2018
What do your toes reveal about you

If you wish to have a quick personality check, your feet can be of great help. Read on to discover how.

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HappinessWritten by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterPublished at: Jul 22, 2018

If you want to make a quick check on your personality, look at your toes. We have heard, watched and sometimes even visited people who can read and tell your past and future just by reading the palm. But not many of us have come across foot-readers. Though your feet will not predict your future, it surely can reveal many of your hidden personality traits. 

For example, when a person feels depressed, they have all of their body weight on the front of their feet while walking, which creates darkened areas of skin on the toe pads. Besides, the colour of someone’s feet can also tell a lot. While paler feet indicate exhaustion and a weak blood circulation in the body, yellowness can be a sign of someone being fed-up with life.

Read on to discover what your toe fingers reveal the untold secrets about your personality.

Long Second Toe

A person with long second toe exhibits leadership qualities. Rulers who hailed from ancient Egyptian and Hawaiian royal dynasties had long nails. A person with long toe nails likes to stay in charge. 

Last Joint of the Third Toe at an Angle

People with such a toe have the ability to deceive and a tendency to be misunderstood. These people can be mostly found in professions like spying.

Extra Small Toe

These people usually have a childlike nature and have a playful sense of fun. 

Second Toe on Left Foot Leaning towards Big Toe

Such people are usually sentimental and nostalgic in nature.

Little Toe Pointing at an Angle

This indicates an unconventional nature. If you are able to waggle your little toe, it indicates relentless and a desire to change constantly.

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