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What to do When your Partner Refuses to Wear Condom?

Snr By Bhadra Kamalasanan , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Aug 02, 2012
What to do When your Partner Refuses to Wear Condom?

What to do when your partner refuses to wear a condom? The best is to quickly run through these tips and work them out.

What to do When your Partner Refuses to Wear CondomAlthough, condoms are best to cut the risk of unwanted pregnancy or STDs, they are often complained about. There are a lot of men, who find wearing condoms during sexual intercourse uncomfortable and an erection killer. In situations where the partners are not married, the male partner is likely to feel that being asked to wear a condom implies the opposite’s distrust. If your partner refuses to wear a condom, you can perhaps use these time-tested strategies to win the situation.



Yes, it is that simple. Before things get steamy and heavy, let your partner know of the ground rules to having sex. Let him know the risks you are willing to take and those that you don’t want to get your hands at.


Grab the Right Size


Condoms may seem like those products that don’t come in sizes, but the fact of the matter is that they do. Condoms come in several sizes, colours, flavours, materials and textures. A variety implies that you will be able to pick a style that fits your needs for an enjoyable and comfortable sex.


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Wear one yourself

If your man incessantly refuses to wear a condom, get a female condom. These must, however, not be used when your man is using condoms as friction between the two condoms may cause tears and thereby threaten the integrity of both the condoms.


Keep at it

A lot of men have a problem in maintaining an erection because of the discomfort that the condom causes them. A poor fitting condom may be a reason, though the reason may be psychological too. Try switching the condoms. If switching other condoms doesn’t resolve the problem, see a doctor.


Do not Expect what’s Impossible

Be practical, a condom does not have to be blamed for a lack of fun or be a reason to bid goodbyes to enjoying sex. Do as much as you can to minimise the interruption, such as by keeping lots of condoms in the vicinity.


Make Adjustments in your Attitude

Insisting on wearing a condom is not just about protecting the woman from unwanted pregnancy, but oneself from risking STDs. Make your partner understand why wearing condoms is important for both of you and that being told to wear condoms is not an indication of lack of trust or love, but an expression of affection.

If your partner still refuses to wear a condom, you know what to do: wear female condoms as has already been mentioned. You may as well get your partner to feel comfortable about wearing condoms by wearing them yourself a few times.


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