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What to do when you romantically like a Friend?

Updated at: Jan 28, 2013
Written by: Himanshu SharmaPublished at: Jan 25, 2013
What to do when you romantically like a Friend?

Do you like a friend romantically? Before you pop the question, you need to be sure that you and your friend are romantically compatible. Here is a set of tips to figure out the action plan.

If you like someone who also happens to be your friend, are you going to tell him/her or keep mum? To take this call is in itself tough, but you will always do what you both want.

What to do when you romantically like a FriendIt is not uncommon to develop feelings for your friend, but bombarding your mind with thoughts will make you think what to do next.  In this web of dilemma, you cannot just walk up to them and pour your feelings out.


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If you are sure about what you feel for your friend and are desperate to know what to do next,  here’s your guide .

Is the feeling of attraction mutual?

You two click as friends, but what about the feeling of attraction? Is it mutual?

Perhaps you have liked this friend of yours from a long time and the feelings have blossomed out of long friendship. Many a times, affection towards someone begins with friendship.  We become acquainted to a person we are attracted to and then become friends.

Sudden declaration of love when the feeling is not mutual will turn out to be a betrayal of friendship. You need to hold your emotions in your gut until you’re sure that burning desire is being reflected by your friend too.

Are you putting friendship at risk?

Before you walk on the mine battlefield, think twice about your friendship. Ask yourself if your next move will hamper your relationship.


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Do you really like your friend?

Before you admit your feelings, make sure it is not a fling that you are looking forward to with your friend. If he/she is just your crush, don’t do anything stupid that could ruin a good relationship. When a friend of yours speaks well with you and hangs out with you all the time, you may assume that you’ve fallen in love with him/her because of all the attention that you get.

Is the next step called for?

If your friend is in a happy relationship, better take a step back. But, if your friend is single and you’re in love with them, express how you feel for them. Profess your love to your friend only when you are sure that it is not infatuation.


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The Bottom Line

There's always a possibility that your friend thinks of you as just a friend and nothing more. It doesn’t have to definitely end with you walking back to your home with a sad face, but you must still consider and count the consequences. Picture yourself with your friend as a romantic couple. If the image pleases you, go ahead.

If you are upset that you were turned down even after you counted everything, don’t be upset or make it a matter of gossip among your friends. Be polite and respectful the next time you see them. He/she may not want you to end contacts with him/her.

Many of the happiest couples were once friends. There is nothing wrong in professing the hidden love for a friend. It is just that you need to be sure that they feel the same way as you do.



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