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What do Men Fantasize of?

Updated at: Jan 24, 2013
Written by: Arka Roy ChowdhuryPublished at: Jan 21, 2013
What do Men Fantasize of?

Sexual fantasies are a common reason for the day dreams that men have, find out what they could be!

Sex, it is the single most important fantasy that takes up much space in the minds of men, men have them going all the time, no matter what time of the day it is! Yes fantasies of course start with visiting Alice in wonderland at a tender age, but as a man becomes aware of the birds and the bees he tends to imagine what Alice must be like in bed? Thus begins sexual fantasies!


Here is a little guide for ladies who would want to know what their men are thinking of right now, and no, your man is not an angel, so under the perfectly combed hair lies a Playboy mansion of his own. Men can also take a look at some of the fantasies mentioned here, and you know, innovate! Don’t worry, as long as you keep your secret fantasies in the threshold of your mind you are safe, but do not let it take over you, as that can have an adverse effect.


The Fantastic Fantasies

Awesome Threesome: This has to top the list as far as fantasies go, two women at a time kissing, pulling, pushing, loving, that’s the dream! Every man wants a threesome, a woman’s body is the best thing that happened to men after sports and beer of course, and when one gets two at a time, one can only bow his head in reverence and thank the almighty!

Remember Vicky, Christina, Barcelona, and how Penelope Cruz, Scarlett Johansson, and Javier Bardem make a happy threesome? Woody Allen certainly knows what’s best, and with women like that, oh God!


The Promiscuous Woman: Oh what fun it would be to be lured by the perfect behind when she teases you at a night club. Yes, promiscuous women are always a big yes for men, and mind you, men like to use the S word to define a promiscuous woman. To do an S is a challenge, because she probably has tasted lots of other men and thus different sorts of sex. A high class hooker is also a possibility here, when men dream of taking one such lady home, but most cant due to budget issues, and thus the fantasy all over again.

A man likes to be driven crazy with such provocation to the point that one fine day he would teach her a lesson and oh what a lesson it would be.


Role Play: Another very common fantasy among men is to role play, and there is a plausible reason for this. With age he gets to see women in various avatars, as a boy he had a crush on his teacher, then on the new bride in the neighbourhood. Then on a flight during his summer vacation with parents the hot air hostess played with the little boy’s hair and gave him a beautiful smile, which then ruined his vacation as he was filled with amateur love. Slowly with age he understood those women in uniform are hot, so policewomen, nurses and so on. Now he is a grown man, and he needs to make love to his teacher, have an illicit affair with the neighbourhood bride, spend some dirty time with the air hostess, and then do the nurse and policewoman, and also some unforgivable things to his female boss. Yes, it is difficult to be a man, life is complex.

Ladies, grab your man and ask him his role play fantasies; play the characters and you will find that sex was never more exciting.

Listening to her moan and talk dirty:
Now this is a must, what fun is it if she doesn’t scream out in pain or pleasure? A man likes to hear her woman cry out, moan, groan, shout, abuse, be dirty, and ask for more, even better if she screams out his name. Men like to know that they are doing great in bed and only a woman can prove that, how? By getting all excited and thrilled!

The more crazy she is, the better it is for a man.

The Dominatrix: It common for the man to take the lead in a sexual act, it is common for a man to be the animal in men. But there is a little secret in every man; they do not like you to know. Sometimes, men fantasise about being in bed with such a woman who would blind him, tie him up, rip his clothes and dominate him. A dominatrix is refered to as a mistress, ma’m, domina, or maitresse by the submissive, and is usually the woman to take the dominant role in bondage and discipline. Men would like her to crush their ego, break their aggression and calm him down.

Ladies, grab his neck and throw him down, tie him up and take control, now!


Sweet Stranger: It is all men’s dream to have sex with a stranger; there is nothing better than this. It is often the storyline for most blue films and has a hint of excitement in it. Imagine meeting a girl during the day, helping her with some trivial issue, and in the evening she doesn’t have a place to stay! Wow! Now, she is putting up at your place and you are being courteous, but girl-boy, empty house, locked doors, blah, blah, and sex is evident. What would make this story even better is if she has an early morning flight back to her home town.

This story is subjected to change in accordance to the type of men and their choice of fantasies, but the truth is that this is one fantasy which is hard to fulfil.

Men like to fantasise, they create a sexual wonderland in their mind where everything is possible, it is the one happy place without any boundaries, anyone can be placed there naked, and made love to, all sorts of love.


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