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Different Types of Condoms

Snr By Shubhangi Upadhyaya , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Apr 12, 2012
Different Types of Condoms

Today, various kinds of condoms are available in the market. With so many options available, choosing the right kind of condom can be a little confusing

Today, various kinds of condoms are available in the market. With so many options available, choosing the right kind of condom can be a little confusing. Make  sure that it is FDA approved because these ensure safety against unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STD). Listed below are some types of condoms:




Flavoured condoms

Various condoms are available in a wide choice of flavors such as strawberry, mint, chocolate, orange, cola, and vanilla..  These condoms have intoxicating flavors and tantalising  aroma. These are great to be used for oral sex as well as vaginal sex. However, if you are using it for vaginal sex, make sure they are sugar-free in order to avoid the risk of yeast infection.


Super thin condom

These types of  condoms provide more natural feel because of its thin layer. It is made of sheerlon material that acts like your second skin. In spite of being very thin, it is highly effective against pregnancy and STDs.


Glow in the dark condom

When exposed to light for 30 seconds, it glows in the dark. It is non-toxic and consists of three layers. The inner and the outermost layers are made up of latex and the middle layer contains a safe pigment that glows in the dark. It is a good option for bringing in the fun element along with the required safety.


condom packet


Textured and studded condoms

Textured or studded condoms are meant for heightening pleasure for both the partners. These condoms have slight bumps or ribs that run through the length on their either sides. It helps in extra stimulation for both the partners.


Pleasure shaped condoms

These condoms have loose and enlarged tip. The pouch like tip helps in creating greater friction at the tip of the penis which in turn heightens the sensitivity for both the partners.


French tickler condom

These types of condoms are made of soft jelly and are available in wide range of nodules, ridges or nubs. They have a soft rubber tip that creates a tickling sensation in the inner walls of vagina. These condoms do not provide any protection against pregnancy or STDs. It is ideal to be used by the couples where the women are using any of the permanent birth control methods.


Warming condoms

This kind of condom is made of thin latex. It helps in heightening the sensation as it contains warming lubricant which gets activated through body temperature. Thus, it adds to the body heat during sexual intercourse and enhances the sensual pleasure.

Couples often differ in their needs of condom. Therefore, a wide choice of condoms is available in the market to cater to their requirements. So,  choose  a condom according to your preference. The best bet could be that you can discuss it with your partner! 

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