What did Kate Middleton do for Post-pregnancy Weight Loss?

Updated at: May 23, 2016
What did Kate Middleton do for Post-pregnancy Weight Loss?

The Duchess of Cambridge will soon be the envy of mums when she becomes the svelte that she used to be before delivery. But, take heart ladies as we bring to you her post-pregnancy weight loss secrets.

Bhadra Kamalasanan
Weight ManagementWritten by: Bhadra KamalasananPublished at: May 05, 2015

Soon after The Duchess of Cambridge came out of hospital with her second royal baby, she became the envy of many mums who now question if and how Kate will return to being svelte like she did after delivering the first baby.  

After the first pregnancy, 32-year-old Middleton had put on 13 kilos which she lost in just 2 months post delivery. Before she gives us in to her weight loss secrets this time, let us take a quick look at what she did after giving birth to Prince George to get into her pre-pregnancy outfit smoothly.


Kate Middleton with Royal Baby

The Royal Routine

It has been reported by experts that even though the Duchess worked out post pregnancy as well, it was her pre-pregnancy health that made losing weight post pregnancy easy. It has been reported that she worked out an hour a day and followed a protein-controlled, low-carb diet before she conceived her first child.

Exercising before pregnancy can help one’s body to prepare itself for the long months of gestation that are to come. Women who exercise before as well as during pregnancy tend to not lose weight, but put on very little fat and have the potential to maintain their fitness levels naturally. This is what makes it easy for just-delivered moms to return to their pre-pregnancy weight easily and faster.

Kate with Prince GeorgeA controlled diet as well as a consistent exercise regime before pregnancy allows helps in preventing some of the common aches and pains that mothers-to-be experience such as insomnia, back ache, joint pain, constipation and gestational diabetes.

This is not to say that only pre-pregnancy diet and exercise helps in dropping baby pounds. After the first pregnancy Kate Middleton stuck to a rigorous schedule of walking, running, yoga and circuit-training workouts and had a low-carb diet. She also combined cardio workouts along with strength as well as flexibility training such as yoga to make sure that she remained toned as well as lean.

Kate Middleton post first pregnancy

But, NEVER Overdo

A lot of celebrities push themselves much earlier to get back to the camera-ready tenuity.  But this, experts suggest is wrong by the logic that if it takes 9 months to grow a human baby inside the womb, it should take at least that long for the body to get back to what it was originally. So, if you overindulge or overtly limit your diet to stay in shape, you could be doing so at the risk of your baby’s health. Remember the Duchess has a hoard of dieticians and experts at her disposal to pour suggestions and rectify mistakes.

Most importantly, women must understand that each of them is different, especially when it comes to pregnancy. And that each must not make the mistake of holding self to the likes of celebrities and their lifestyle standards.

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