What are the Complications of Dysphagia?

Updated at: Sep 08, 2014
What are the Complications of Dysphagia?

When a person suffers from dyspahgia they cannot swallow well may and not be able to eat enough of the right foods to stay healthy or maintain an ideal weight.

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What is Dysphagia?

A condition in which people experience problems in swallowing is known as dyspahgia. There are cases in which people experience pain while swallowing which is known as odynophagia. Patients may feel completely unable to swallow or may have problems with safely gulping in liquids, foods or saliva. In such conditions, eating becomes a difficult task for the patient.

Dysphagia Complications

What are the Causes of Dyspahgia?

There are many causes of this condition and mainly occurs in older adults. A condition that can weaken or damage the muscles and nerves for swallowing can lead to dyspahgia. Conditions of the nervous system like cerebral palsy or Parkinson’s disease can affect the swallowing abilities. Besides, a stroke or a head injury can also weaken or affect the coordination of swallowing muscles or may decrease the sensation in the mouth and throat.

Dysphagia Complications

Complications of Dyspahgia

The primary complications of dyspahgia include coughing and choking that later leads to pneumonia.

If a person suffers from dyspahgia they are at a risk of food going inside through the wrong path. While you swallow it, it can block the airway making breathing difficult and causing cough or choke. When a person suffers from dyspahgia they may also develop a fear of choking. But, that does not mean that you have to stop eating or drinking. If you do so, it may lead to dehydration and malnutrition.

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