What causes winter joint pain?

Updated at: Sep 08, 2015
What causes winter joint pain?

The winter season often brings more pain and worries for people who suffer from joint pain. Although, they have complains of paining joints throughout the year, it becomes graver around winter.

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PainWritten by: Shubhangi UpadhyayaPublished at: Jan 30, 2013

The winter season often brings more pain and worries for people who suffer from joint pain. However, with a little caution and care, it can be managed to some extent. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the causes of winter joint pain.


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Decrease in air pressure

One of the reasons is the decrease in air pressure that occurs due to season change. This decreased pressure affects the soft tissues surrounding the joints. The existing inflamed tissues that are around the joints swell in order to fill the gap. The nerves present in those tissues get stimulated which results in increased pain.

Low blood circulation

One of the other winter joint pain causes is that blood circulation is low during winter to the peripheral areas of the body, as the warm blood is conserved around the heart. It results in the stiffening of the joints, which leads to joint pains.


Active pain sensors

In cold weather - due to decreased blood pressure and the low external temperature - the external skin of the body goes down. In such a case, the pain sensors become more active. Hence, people become more pain sensitive and the joints hurt more. This can be avoided by keeping your body as warm as possible. Therefore, it is advisable to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the house and to wear warm clothes.


Lifestyle changes

One of the major causes of winter joint pain is the changed lifestyle during the season. As the temperature decreases, the energy level of the people also goes down and they adapt to a sedentary life style. It results in stiffening of the joints, which is turn causes joint pain. Therefore, in order to avoid this, you should try to remain active throughout the year.


Dietary changes

Most of the time, your diet also affects your joints, so you are also suffering from joint pain, it is advisable to include nutrients such as glucosamine and chondroitin, which  help in supporting the joints and also in easing the pain.


If you are also finding it difficult to cope with the winter joint pain, these points will surely make a great difference and will help you to get relief from the joint problems that start with the onset of winter.



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