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What Causes Sexual Problems in Women?

What Causes Sexual Problems in Women?

What Causes Sexual Problems in WomenSexual problems in women affect their sexual desire as well as their sexual performance. Sexual problems in women include reduced sexual urge, late arousal, no orgasm, painful intercourse, vaginal dryness and vaginismus. Various emotional and physical causes govern the onset of sexual problems in women.

Physical causes

Women play multiple roles in their life. This can make her tired and fatigued, thereby decreasing her desire to have sex. Women suffering from arthritis, osteoporosis, heart diseases, blood pressure and other neurological disorders are very prone to develop sex related problems. Sexual problems can also occur in a woman who has reached the stage of menopause. Hormonal changes such as low oestrogen production during this period lead to these sexual problems.  Sometimes, due to continuous sexual inactivity and aging the vagina becomes thin and inelastic, thereby causing painful intercourse. Any injury in the vagina or any vaginal surgery also makes the sex painful.

Psychological causes

When a woman is stressed and depressed, this affects her sexual life as well. Both social and physical stress is responsible for sex related problems in women. If stress and depression are left untreated, they can cause psychological problems in a woman. Besides, her partner also gets carried away by her unusual sexual behaviour, thereby losing interest in sex. Even the medications for depression such as antihistamines and barbiturates have a negative effect on the sexual behaviour of a woman.  


Other causes of sexual problems

Alcoholism and smoking also decreases the sex interest in women. Both contain chemicals that interfere with the production of female sex hormone oestrogen. Oestrogen is responsible for the development of secondary sexual characters in females, which affects  ovulation and also the development of eggs in females. Due to lower production of oestrogen a woman can develop sexual dysfunction. Drugs such as cocaines cause vaginal dryness in women, making the intercourse painful.

Given above are some of the causes of sex related problems in women. With the development of medical science, these sexual disorders are now treatable.


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Written by
Aparna Mir
Source: Onlymyhealth editorial teamMar 19, 2012

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