What Causes Scalded Skin Syndrome

Updated at: Jun 28, 2013
What Causes Scalded Skin Syndrome

The most common type of infection that is caused by staph bacteria, and normally live on your skin and in the nose without causing any problems. When do they become troublesome?

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A dermatological issue, this is usually a condition caused by staphylococcus aureus. The staph bacteria are the one that normally live on your skin and in the nose without causing any problems. The skin damage, surgery or an injury can also allow the bacteria to overcome the body’s natural protective mechanisms and cause infection.

hands affected by scalded skin syndromeImpetigo or cellulitis skin infections are the most common type of infection that is caused by staph, however in rare cases like this scalded skin syndrome skin appears to be burnt and hence can develop in newborns and young children.

It can be worrisome to find out that you child has burns all over his or her body, and the matter gets worse as scalded skin syndrome could also be life threatening. You must make haste to treat your child as soon as possible. The majority of this scalded skin syndrome is found in children who are under the age of six and infections can also occur in adults with renal failure or immune deficiency disorders. Also, the disease’s symptoms could misguide you and thus can lead to a fatal result. The best thing to do is to understand what causes this disease so that you could get a deeper understanding of it.


Staphylococcus aureus which is the commonest bacteria that infects the skin, eyes and nose usually happens because of:

•  impetigo
•  boils and abscesses
•  styes and conjunctivitis
•  infections in grazes and wounds
•  infections in skin conditions such as eczema

The immune system and kidneys aren’t fully developed in young children and newborns and therefore they are most commonly affected. It is found that staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome is very rare in adults but those who are affected with kidney failure and immune deficiency, and also those who are on immune suppressant drugs or are undergoing chemotherapy.

The germ also can be passed from person to person by means of a towel and droplets from either coughing or sneezing. At times it can also be passed by someone who is carrying the germ but has no actual infection.

You can cure this infection with the help of oral antibiotics which is given through a vein in much severe cases. The skin needs cleansing and soothing creams or dressings that may include antibiotics or antiseptics. Also, special medical care is needed if fluid or salt balance is affected, or in case there is a blood infection.

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