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What Causes Pain during First Intercourse?

Snr By Vatsal Anand , Onlymyhealth editorial team / May 23, 2011
What Causes Pain during First Intercourse?

Sex Education – Pain during first intercourse can occur in both men and women. It could be pain due to a disease, psychological or emotional factors.

What causes Pain during First Intercourse

Although first time sex is not always painful, some men and women are discomforted by it. Usually, the pain is not severe but it can worsen are suffering from a medical condition such as urinary tract infection or ovarian cyst. Emotional issues can also result in painful sex. Stress, guilt or sexual abuse can all lead to painful intercourse.

First time sexual intercourse leads to pain in the following ways –

  • After having sex for the first time, a woman can experience pain in her vagina if her hymen is intact or if the vagina was not lubricated enough. Hymen covers some portion of the vaginal opening which women may break by taking part in active sports like horse riding. Some women have it intact and it causes discomfort during first time intercourse. Vaginal pain is also experienced due to dry vagina. Nervousness or anxiety during first time sex may prevent the formation of lubricating fluid in a woman’s vagina.
  • If deep abdominal pain is felt during sex, it is a sign that the woman has a medical condition affecting her uterus or ovaries. American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (ACOG) say that the abdominal pain during first sexual intercourse may result from a tilled uterus, ovarian cysts, a bladder disease, endometrosiosis (formation of menstrual tissue outside the uterus) or pelvic inflammatory disease.
  • Men may also feel pain after having sex the first time. Peyronie’s disease is the no. 1 cause of sexual pain in males as per Health.com. In this disease, plaque or scar tissue forms in the penis. Pain may also be caused to men whose foreskin of penis is very tight or has got placed behind the start of penis. Other causes of pain in the penis are urinary urinary tract infection, psoriasis and dermatitis.
  • Painful intercourse can be a result of emotional factors too. ACOG has reported that emotions like guilt and fear do not allow a woman to relax during sex. If she is not able to relax, her vagina will tighten preventing the lubricating fluid to form. This causes discomforting pain during sex.

Women and men can get themselves treatment for their pain. The assistant professor of OB-GYN and psychiatry at Northwestern University, Laura Berman recommends that woman should use a water-based lubricant to get relief from their pain. For pain due to emotional factors, they need to visit a counsellor or psychologist. Men can seek treatment from a medical professional for relevant sex education on the cause and proper treatment of their pain.


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