What Can Music Therapy Treat?

Updated at: May 31, 2013
What Can Music Therapy Treat?

What can music therapy treat? What are the illnesses that can be effectively addressed with the aid of music? Finding answers to all these questions would be important. before resorting to it.

Pratima Sharma
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Music therapy has evolved as a major form of alternative healing with several advantages for the patients. The success in administering music therapy as a prominent treatment form has been considerable through the years and this therapy has established itself as a prominent educational course offered by most recognized universities. However, what can music therapy treat? What are the illnesses that can be effectively addressed with the aid of music? Finding answers to all these questions would be important before resorting to it.

What Can Music Therapy Help Treat?

  1. Enhancing Concentration and Mental Alertness—Musical notes are considered to be mighty stimulants that can stimulate the brain waves and enhance concentration and mental alertness. Music can also effectively alter the speed of brainwaves much better, thus enhancing the speed of switching thoughts and increase mental flexibility in the process. Therefore, musical notes can actually succeed in causing lasting effects to the state of mind long after you have stopped listening, thus improving retention capabilities.
  2. Beating Stress — As music therapy alters brainwaves, it also encourages positive changes in the other vital functions of the body. Therefore, the autonomous nervous system is also affected in a positive way. This slows down the heart rate and the breathing speed in patients suffering from chronic nervous disorders such as anxiety and stress. Therefore, with music therapy, one can actually improve his stress management capabilities, providing for complete health.
  3. Creating a Positive State of Mind—Music therapy can also help in creating a positive state of mind that helps in maintaining a positive and constructive state of mind. Hence, it helps in combating negative mind states like anxiety, depression and other forms of stress response. Common benefits would include fuelling creativity and optimism that would help in countering stress to the extent possible.
  4. Additional Benefits—Some of the additional benefits of music therapy include lowering blood pressure over time thus reducing the risks of stroke and other cardiovascular problems, easing muscle tension, boosting immunity, managing chronic pain etc. Hence, the therapy is being increasingly adopted by wellness programs devised by hospitals and wellness centres. They can suitably complement the primary treatment procedures for speedy healing.

However, along with understanding  the way music therapy helps to treat; you must also know the way to administer the treatment in the correct fashion. The success of music therapy would largely depend on the way it has been administered and the dexterity levels of the therapists in question.




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