Know what causes a False Happy Alarm that says you are Pregnant

Updated at: Oct 22, 2013
Know what causes a False Happy Alarm that says you are Pregnant

A false positive pregnancy test is caused due to incorrect reading of the home pregnancy test. A false positive pregnancy test should be followed up with a visit to the doctor to determine whether it is a false positive or a false negative.

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Pregnancy is great news for women, it brings immense joy. But what if this pregnancy test proves to be a false one? Know what could cause false pregnancy test in order to be more aware.

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For women who are desperately trying to be pregnant, that little positive line on the home pregnancy test can mean unbridled joy. However, in some cases that same line or positive sign is actually an indication of a false positive pregnancy test. A false positive pregnancy test is a sign that something either went wrong with the method of the test or that there is some complication in the woman that lead to the pregnancy test being a false positive.


What can cause a False Pregnancy Positive Test?

Incorrect Testing Method

The common reason that can lead to a false positive pregnancy test is incorrect testing. One needs to read all the instructions given by the manufacturer of the home pregnancy test kit so that a correct assertion of pregnancy can be made. All pregnancy test kits are different. However, sometimes when a test sample is kept for too long after the stipulated period a faint line displaying a positive pregnancy test can appear. Also sometimes women tend to reaffirm the test and look at it after the time of testing is over. In all probably a second faint line might appear on the test kit making the woman believe that she is pregnant.


Evaporation lines on Pregnancy Tests

An evaporation line on a pregnancy test can also cause a false positive pregnancy test. An evaporation line occurs on a home pregnancy test kit when the urine sample begins to dry on the test kit. It is most often taken as a positive pregnancy test. The best way to not let this evaporation line and a false positive test fool you is to check for the result within the stipulated time as mentioned in the pregnancy test at home kit. However, do see a doctor if you see an evaporation because sometimes a low level of human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG in the body can cause a faint li8ne resembling a positive test to appear.


Internal Complications

Some extreme ailments can cause a hormonal upset in the body that can cause a false positive pregnancy test. These ailments raise the hCG level in the body. Some diseases of the liver, cancers such as choriocarcinoma that is an extremely rare type of cancer found in the uterus can cause the hCG level in the body to shoot up. Some types of breast cancers and ovarian cancers can also cause a false positive pregnancy test.

Medications that can cause a False Positive Pregnancy Test

Women who are undergoing fertility treatment and hCG therapy might get a false positive pregnancy test. Medicines such as phenothiazine can cause a false positive pregnancy test. These medicines interfere with the hCG level in the body.


Faulty Home Pregnancy Test Kit

A home pregnancy test kit that has some manufacturing fault might cause a false positive pregnancy test. An expired test kit can also give incorrect results. One should always thoroughly read the manual provided with home pregnancy test kits.


Apart from being very careful while taking a home pregnancy test, women should also consult a doctor after obtaining the results in order to avoid either false negative pregnancy tests or false positive pregnancy tests.


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