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What is Breast Reconstructive Surgery?

Fashion & Beauty By Pratima Sharma , Onlymyhealth editorial team / May 11, 2011
What is Breast Reconstructive Surgery?

Breast reconstruction helps women get their assets back and can have a major psychological impact on their personality and sense of wellness.

Breast reconstructive surgery has arrived as a significant body surgery development for women who have been undergoing mastectomy surgeries for breast cancer. Most often, a section of the breast or sometimes the entire breast needs to be removed for mastectomy. The extent of removal would depend on the severity of the cancerous growth and would essentially differ from case to case. A breast reconstructive surgery is the process through which the breast is reconstructed by replacing the missing tissues, skin, the areola and the nipples. However, this process can be clubbed into the bracket of cosmetic surgical procedures. It is essentially a medical procedure.

Breast Reconstructive SurgeryReconstructive surgeries not only attempt to restore your physical attributes but they also have a major psychological impact on your personality. Once the job has been satisfactorily completed, patients often go home feeling reassured and happy with a prevailing sense of wellness.


Breast Reconstruction—Some Facts

Coming to terms with some relevant facts pertaining to breast reconstruction surgery can actually help in understanding the various aspects of the process better.

  • The choice to opt for a surgery such as this is a personal decision. The impact of losing a breast post mastectomy may not be the same for all women who have suffered the aftermaths of breast cancer. Some may be able to cope with it and opt for artificial adornments like breast pads and cups for an improved look, while other might go for a permanent solution with a reconstruction. With the growing advancements in the reconstructive procedures, more and more women are getting attracted towards it.
  • Most often, doctors would advise a breast reconstructive surgery along with mastectomy, should you be opting for it. To begin with, the operative procedure will help the patient deal with the loss of a breast as the reconstruction will commence immediately. Secondly, it is better to complete both processes at once, instead of going back for another major surgery, post the completion of one. the choice however, is entirely up to you.
  • Usually, the reconstruction of the areola and the nipple are completed right at the end, after the entire breast has been successfully reconstructed. This is because, the tissues of the newly constructed breast needs to heal well, so that the nipples can be adjusted in the right place. These adjustments are typically performed at out patient clinics by administering local anaesthesia. Another option would be to opt for the prosthetic nipple which can be attached to the breast with the help of prosthetic glue.
  • The entire breast reconstructive surgery procedure would ideally take anywhere between eight to nine hours. The preparation for the operative procedure takes around a couple of hours and the actual reconstruction will take about six hours to complete. Once the process is over, the patient needs to remain in observation for a couple of hours before she is transferred to the hospital room.

These fundamental facts would surely help in understanding what breast reconstructive surgery is and how it is performed. Opting for it is considered a safe proposition these days.


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