What are the Best Over The Counter Pregnancy Tests

Updated at: Oct 22, 2013
What are the Best Over The Counter Pregnancy Tests

With the wide availability of over the counter pregnancy tests, women are often confused while deciding which one to use. Know all the available ones so that you could decide which one would suit you.

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Are you confused about various over the counter pregnancy test and are wondering which one is more reliable? Here are some suggestions that can help.

best over the counter pregnancy tests

Over the counter pregnancy test are widely used by women as the first step for pregnancy detection. These tests can be conducted within ease and privacy of home and are offered by many brands.


First Response Pregnancy Test

First response pregnancy test is the most reliable pregnancy test that gives accurate results even four days before the missed period. The manufacturers of this test claim that this test can detect pregnancy soon after implantation, where in the hCG level is as low as 6.5mlU.

According to a clinical study published in American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, first response pregnancy test sowed most consistent results even in detecting a lower level of hCG i.e. up to 12.5 mIU. This study tested sensitivity of 18 home pregnancy tests at the time of a missed period.

First response pregnancy test is available in three different kits. Experts suggest the kit with two strips is best as most of the women prefer to test twice.


Clearblue Easy


Clearblue Easy is amongst best over the counter pregnancy tests.  In laboratory testing Clearblue easy is found out to be 99% accurate at the day of missed period.

It is user friendly and can detect human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG) hormone in just two minutes. Owing to its ease of reading result, Clearblue Easy Pregnancy Test has become preference of most of the users. 

Answer Quick & Simple Early Result Pregnancy Test

Answer Quick & Simple Early Result Pregnancy Test is an over the counter pregnancy test that detect pregnancy in even 4 days before the missed period.  It is a urine sample stream test with over 99% accurate test results.

In a clinical testing, Answer pregnancy test pregnancy hormone in 93% of women in first and second day of their expected period, in 83% women on third day and in 69% of women on the fourth day of their expected period.


Ept Digital Test

E.P.T. Certainty (digital) Pregnancy Test detects pregnancy hormone to the level of 50 mIU.  Owing to its digital readout it offers unmistakable results. This test gives 99% accurate result on the first day of missed period.

According to National Women's Health Information Centre (NWHIC), testing too early can give you misleading results. So the best way is to wait for a week before using a home pregnancy test.

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