What according to your birth month are you meant to do

Updated at: Sep 09, 2015
What according to your birth month are you meant to do

It's never too late to fulfil your potential! Take a look at what gifts the stars bestowed upon you at birth.

Himanshu Sharma
Office HealthWritten by: Himanshu SharmaPublished at: Sep 07, 2015

Being born in a certain month can tell what your professional life will be like. It might seem strange, but it can actually alter your career choices. Read to know.


Those born in the first month of the year are natural leaders. They are strong and powerful and can stand up when no one else can. A January born could be a manager, chairperson, treasurer, judge or teacher.



If you are born in February, you could be well be a sociologist. People born in this month are quirky, observant, motivating and unconventional. They are creative and can thus, flourish in an artsy set up more than a conventional 9-5 setting.



These people are versatile! Their charisma has the potential to attract people and they should thus, try and spend in public spheres. They can be poet, musician, painter, sportsman or entrepreneur.



Those born in April are fearless and have no fear of locking horns with anyone. Assertive, ambitious and energetic, they are cut out for military, politics and sports.



Those born in May have fame in their sight. They're willing to work hard and long unsung hours to get there. They make excellent chefs, craftspeople, bankers, stockists and actors.



People born in June have a knack for research, commerce and communication. They have a competitive urge and a strong fighting spirit. They can be scientists, astronomers or researchers. Also, they are glamorous, which makes them the crowd’s favourite.



If you were born in July, you will reflect attitudes and expectations through your kind-hearted aura. With kindness and desire to support, you’ll make a good doctor, chef or carer.



Those born in August are creative. With a heart full of loyalty, generosity and desire, they can be ardent campaigners for justice or fighters for freedom. Take up on any role as long as it allows you play around your creativity. They make good filmmakers, artists, designers or architects.



If you are born in September, you will be affected by a sense of obligation and it will also make you truly brilliant in whatever field you gravitate towards. Once these people know what they want, they work day in and out to reach it. They are intelligent, flexible and organised to make a great business person.



Art, music and entertainment are a few areas those born in October will excel in. So, the profession these people are most likely take up will be related to art and entertainment.



If you are born in November, you will be direct and decisive. These are qualities of a therapist, writer, researcher, journalist or presenters.



Those born in December express natural exuberance. Also, they are honest and hopeful. Law, health care, publishing, event management or exploration are some fields you will be drawn towards if you are born in this month.


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