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5 ways women can lose weight at home

Weight Management By Bhadra Kamalasanan , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Dec 20, 2017
5 ways women can lose weight at home

Are you trying to lose weight and are worried about expensive trainers and gyms. Women can easily lose weight by utilising available resources at home.

It may be trouble for some to hit the gym and get to shape. For women who do not get the time to go outdoors to exercise, here is a guide for losing weight at home.

Weight loss need not happen with the aid of a professional in an expensive institution. You can lose weight at home. Just because you cannot afford a personal trainer or nutritionist does not mean you are doomed to live with those extra kilos. There are many ways to utilise your best available resources and lose weight.


The first step is to take measure of your bad habits that led to weight gain in the first place. Do you have a habit of snacking at midnight? Do you sit in front of the TV as you eat and proceed to forget how much you have consumed? If you are a housewife do you get tired from housework and therefore cannot find time to work out? If you’re a professional do you tend to eat junk with colleagues? Think about your daily routine and make changes right away. 

Indian food

It is mostly women who cook at home and we don’t even think how fattening Indian food really is since it is such a vital part of our lives. Look objectively at the stuff you have cooked today. Weren’t the vegetables fried and mellowed till all the nutrients evaporated? Aren’t the paranthas/ puris saturated with oil. How much nutrition will you get out of rice? Are not the lentils soaked in oil too? Try alternatives like boiling, steaming and grilling. It need not be a radical change but you can introduce it little by little in your own diet and cut down on the oil. 

Diet plan

You are in charge of your own diet plan and should arm yourself with information on the nutrient content of every food item. Use the internet to your advantage so you will know exactly what is going inside your system. As you learn to make wise choices along with changes in your lifestyle you will experience significant weight loss. 


Many women do not get to sleep as much as they should. If you sleep at regular hours you will see that your metabolism has increased. As a result your energy levels will shoot up too and with that you will feel more motivated to exercise and lose weight. 

Help from friend

An intervention helps when all else fails to get you going. Enlist a friend who also wants to lose weight. If you keep a tab on each other then both of you are likely to benefit more. You can take out time from household chores and work to see how the two of you have progressed. It should not lead to policing each other but the idea is to gently motivate in unison and mutually boost morale.

Losing weight can be a tedious task if you do not have a game plan, so the first thing to do is to chalk out a plan and figure out how much weight you want to lose. 

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