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Weight Loss Tips for Teenagers

Updated at: Jan 04, 2012
Weight Management
Written by: Shreya LallPublished at: Nov 15, 2011
Weight Loss Tips for Teenagers

Weight Loss Tips for Teenagers - Do not feel guilty or aghast about your looks. Just follow some simple weight loss tips and improve your appearance.

Weight loss tips for teenagers

Some weight loss tips for teenagers are enlisted below:Forget blaming and feeling guilty.

It is important for you to make sure that you do not blame anyone—either your parents or yourself for where and how you are right now. Feeling guilty about your appearance is a negative feeling that will definitely not help.


Weight Loss Tips for Teenagers

  1. Opt for the long term approach.
  2. Analyse what you are about to undertake not just as a short term, quick, weight loss, but rather a change in lifestyle that will last a lifetime. Thereby, you will begin to make more nutritious food choices, add exercise to your schedule, and cut back somewhat on your eating, especially with respect to the unhealthy food. As a result, in case you falter along the way, you do not need to think of it as a failure to control the urge or lead a healthy lifestyle because you are aware that you have a very long time to make the various changes. For example, when you go out to a fast food joint and order a large pack of fries, there is no need to feel guilty about it since you know that eating those is not a regular habit, and oyur next  meal will be had more sensibly.
  3. Add daily exercise to your regime. Usually, people are caught in a vicious cycle—lack of exercising, a lot of eating and lack of energy. Exercising increases the energy levels once you have made it into a habit. If you do not feel that you have energy to exercise right away, start with some mild physical activity to keep you moving, but will not require a lot of energy, such as taking the dog for a walk or taking the neighbour's dog for a walk. Gradually, once you have done some walking, every day for a couple of weeks, try running for a short distance, or get out on your bicycle, or roller blades, even shoot some baskets in the driveway. If you feel a loss for exercise ideas, speak to your gym instructor.
  4. Alternatively, take the stairs instead of an elevator or escalator, or walk in a mall (if you are out shopping).
  5. Enrol yourself in physical activities at school. Even taking up sports classes after school is helpful.
  6. When ever you go out to eat with friends, try opting for healthier choices, such as salads with low fat dressings instead of deep fried food.
  7. Limit the sweet intake. Many a times we do not realise that we take in a lot of unnecessary sugar in the form of chocolates, candies etc. This must be avoided.

While following these weight loss tips for teenagers, it is vital to keep in mind that these measures not only provide immediate relief, but that they are also helpful in the long run. Thus, they should be diligently followed, of course, as per an individual’s body type.




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