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Weight loss tips for teenage girls

Updated at: Sep 20, 2017
Weight Management
Written by: Arpita DePublished at: Sep 20, 2017
Weight loss tips for teenage girls

Weight loss for teenage girls is important as being overweight or obese can have an adverse effect on their later life. Therefore, we present some easy to follow weight loss tips for teenage girls.

Teenagers are mostly misunderstood because of their obsession with their weight and looking good. However, these stem from issues such as social acceptance, peer pressure and the desire to be popular amongst all. The number of obese and overweight teens is on the rise globally. Teenage girls specially are at increased risk due to problems with maintaining healthy weight. However, what is required right now is a safe and healthy approach towards weight loss in teenage girls.

Teenage obesity

Keep stress at bay

Do you know that stress cause irregularities in the body such as delayed periods and weight gain? Yes. Therefore, the last thing that teenage girls should do is fret about their image and weight. Stress triggers them to eat more in order to feel secure and this in turns adds to the weight. Therefore, if you are facing criticism because of your weight, it’s better to give those insensitive people a mouthful of what you are thinking rather than mulling over it!

Don’t skip breakfast

In the horde to lose weight fast, most teenage girls tend to skip breakfast. However, that is the most dangerous thing that one can do. Skipping breakfast slackens the metabolism adding to weight as the body tends to hoard fat. Therefore, our tip to teenage girls for losing weight is to eat a healthy breakfast that comprises of cereals, fruits, fat-free yoghurt and eggs.

Make water your best friend

The hectic schedule that teenage girls have can leave them dehydrated. Most resort to colas and packed juices to relieve themselves of thirst. But our tip for teenage girls is to switch to water. Water contains electrolytes that process the fat in the body apart from flushing out the toxins too.

Sleep well

Adequate sleep is a must for teenage girls, irrespective of whether they want to lose weight or not. Sleep relaxes the body and also boosts metabolism. Lack of sleep can leave you cranky and itching to pick up the packet of deadly potato wafers just to feel good or get an instant sugar high!


We know how difficult it is to go for that yummy burger when all your friends are gorging on it. However, rewind and think about your body. It is completely okay to eat a burger once a while but making it a daily habit will add to your weight woes. Therefore, our tip is that, eat healthy, include fruits and veggies, dish up gorgeous salads and stay away from fatty food.

Set reasonable goals

There is no fast track mantra that is healthy enough for teenage girls when it comes to losing weight. Weight loss pills promising results within a week are a sham and it will only harm your body. What you need to realise is that what you do to your body in your teenage years will have a telling effect on your life in the later years. Therefore, be realistic. Opt for a weight loss program that caters to your need of overall wellness. Overnight quick fixes should be a no-no!

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