Weight loss tips for obese women

Updated at: Nov 12, 2017
Weight loss tips for obese women

Set realistic goals for losing weight and never lose the motivation to do it. You have only to gain from losing weight and some tips given in this article can make it easy for you.

Written by: Arka Roy ChowdhuryPublished at: Nov 08, 2017

A woman who is obese is a sad woman; it is definitely distressing to see popular culture women with beautiful figure. You can to get a presentable body for yourself with these tips.


Women who are obese can be greatly distressed over extra weight. There are practical ways to lose weight and look attractive but what is most required is fidelity and patience combined with realistic goals.

Optimum Weight

Women should not buy into the idea of the Barbie doll figure perpetuated by fashion and beauty glossies. A convincing account of your optimum weight can be made by calculating your height and age. Thereby, the Body Mass Index (BMI) will tell you how much you should weigh. Consequently BMI will also determine how many calories you should consume and the amount of weight you need to shed.


Workout Regime

No two women are shaped alike. While most tend to gain weight at the hips acquiring a pear shape, many women are heavier on the top. Some may be obese proportionately. Whatever your body type is know that spot reduction is a myth. Target your major muscle groups when you devise a workout plan with extra attention on the parts that require more work.

Weight Training It’s a myth that women become brawny like men if they lift weight. At most gyms women would stick to either the bicycle or the treadmill. Professional female weight lifters take years of hard work to achieve a masculine musculature with protein supplements. Moderate workout with weights can speed up weight loss and give your body enhanced definition.


Healthy Food

Often cutting down on carbs is translated into cutting down on food altogether. This is a hazardous method. You do not have to get rid of food. Instead get rid of unnecessary carbs and trans fats in your food and select what is high in nutrition and low in fat content. While you’re at it, consider reducing your sodium intake as well as higher sodium levels will add to your troubles by making your body retain fluids.


Drinking plenty of water every day will not only flush out toxins but help you in weight loss. Swigging water as a habit can also help those who gain extra weight due to compulsive eating habits. Be careful of over-hydration though. It might seem silly to ask but a nutritionist can also help you decide your daily water intake.



Many women who go on diets can suffer from painful periods because of resulting malnutrition. You may not lose weight going on a sudden diet but can expect cramps and discomfort. Consult a gynaecologist before any radical changes in your diet. It may adversely affect your menstrual cycles as well. Normally, the doctor will advise supplements but nothing beats a healthy diet.


Self Esteem

Do not let the fact that you are obese affect your sense of self. Obese women are vulnerable to undue stress over self-image as they are constantly made to compare themselves with digitally enhanced alluring visuals of thin female bodies. One should know that good health is more important than any other unrealistic standards of beauty.


Learn to appreciate yourself and take pride in what you are, only then you can move towards a new beginning.

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