Weight Loss Tips for Men Under 30

Updated at: Aug 01, 2011
Weight Loss Tips for Men Under 30

Get some great tips on weight loss if you are under 30. It involves lifestyle changes including diet, nutrition and recommendation for exercises.

Arshad Said Khan
Weight ManagementWritten by: Arshad Said KhanPublished at: Aug 01, 2011



The first step before starting any weight loss programme is to fix how you live your life. This includes taking a stock of sleep hours, stress and physical activity. For instance your metabolism may be slow if you do not sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours a day.




There is no such thing as a perfect diet plan for every man under 30. Young men may however gain unnecessary weight with a high carb and low nutrition diet that includes refined flour and sugar. If you take frequent trips to restaurants that serve junk food you have no choice but to sacrifice taste over health.




To lose weight for a man under 30 an intake of high protein with low carb is the best solution. Before you reach for those imported protein supplement buckets know that your first step should not be a giant leap. Start with including more lean meat and salads in your daily food. Homemade soups are also a brilliant way to get the nutrition without added calories. Stay away from sodium and flour filled packaged soups, though. You are better off boiling vegetables and meats on your own. You may opt for protein supplements after having devised a comfortable exercise routine and a consultation with a nutritionist.




Another great way to cut down on extra calories is to be a teetotaller. Alcohol does not give you any nutrition. Just empty calories you do not need. If your excuse is heavy duty dancing at a club while swigging drinks then you’d be surprised to know that at the end of the night you would have gained more than lost. Also, sweet carbonated drinks which are used as mixers add to the calorie count.


Weight Training


Resistance exercise is the best way to lose weight and build muscles at the same time. When you start, many trainers will tell you that you need to use light weights and perform a high set of repetitions. It’s a popular myth that many fall into. Heavy weights benefit everyone and you should perform as many repetitions as you can. About 10 or 12 per set suffice if you are comfortable with the chosen weights. As you get used to working out and increase your stamina your ability to lift more will rise as well.


Cardiovascular Exercise


Weight training should not be the sole form of exercise. Many young men under 30 ignore the importance of cardio in losing weight and it’s a grave mistake. You will benefit immensely from a combination of the two at the gym. If you like running or cycling you can even do that out in the open. Sprinting and jogging will enhance your weight routine and speed up weight loss. It will also provide a refreshing break from the closed environment of a gym.


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