Weight loss motivation tips that can help you lose weight in effective way

Updated at: Aug 23, 2017
Weight loss motivation tips that can help you lose weight in effective way

Losing weight can be a difficult task. Therefore, motivating self while following a weight loss program is important. Weight loss motivation tips help you to stick to your weight loss program.

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Weight ManagementWritten by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterPublished at: Aug 22, 2017

Losing weight may not be as difficult as sticking to the weight loss plan. For achieving slim and slender body, losing the extra packs is necessary. Motivation for weight loss is required as it does not let you drop the idea of losing weight. Here are five weight loss motivation tips, which will help you to achieve your desired weight.

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Make a list

To lose weight, you need desire more than willpower. Analyse yourself and ask questions such as how important is it for you to lose weight, how much weight you want to lose, whether you can sacrifice your comfort to follow an exercise regimen or now and what among junk food and good health is important for you. Make a list of all reasons for which you need to shed your extra packs. Read the list every day in the morning to motivate yourself to lose weight. Visualize the next step after weight loss objective. What are you going to do next, what kind of clothes will you be wearing. The planning will give you strength!

Make up your mind

The first step to losing weight is letting yourself know the disadvantages of obesity. You may appear cute to others, but do you actually feel good about yourself when you look into the mirror? For weight loss motivation, prepare your subconscious to help. Read books that motivate you to shed extra kilos. Talk to people, who have lost weight and listen to their experiences after weight loss. Know about different weight loss programs and techniques. Choose one that suits you the most. Educate yourself about long-term benefits of eating healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Set a reasonable target

You know your strengths and limitations the best. Do not make the mistake of setting high goal for weight loss.  Make periodic goals such as losing five kilos in two months. Keeping a high goal for small period such as 12 kilos in two months will only be difficult to achieve and trying to get it can also be dangerous. If you are overweight, consult a fitness instructor or a doctor to know the suitable weight loss program for you. Do not try to shed the weight quickly because failing to do so can disappoint you and you may end up crossing the weight loss program.

Reward yourself

Promise yourself that once you reach the desired weight loss goal, you will reward yourself for it.  After losing five kilos, treat yourself with a burger. At ten kilos, have a pizza. Once you reach your goal, throw a party. Apart from food items, you can also reward yourself with luxury gift items. Occasionally rewarding yourself with high-calorie food items will not add packs to your body and your cravings can be curbed.

Visualize your slim body

To motivate yourself for weight loss, picture the body you have always wanted to have. Imagine yourself wearing the dresses, which you cannot wear now or that do not fit you. This will not only boost your motivation, but your chances of achieving the desired weight will also be doubled. Imagine what you will be like! When you do that, you’ll get a confidence boost.

Face yourself in mirror 

Face yourself in mirror to get an idea of the work that needs to be done. Your own criticism can be the driving force to get you going. 

Write down why, what and hows 

If you don’t feel like working out, continuing with the plan or gave in to cravings once, make a note. Also write down why you didn’t do it or what made you to goof up. This will help your problems for sure. 

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