Weight Loss Exercises for Adults

Updated at: Mar 31, 2012
Weight Loss Exercises for Adults

Doing exercises has many advantages to the body and extends beyond helping one in only losing weight. Here are few exercises for adults.

Bhadra Kamalasanan
Weight ManagementWritten by: Bhadra KamalasananPublished at: Mar 13, 2012

Exercises for Adults

Doing exercises has many advantages to the body and extends beyond helping one in only losing weight. If, however, your goal for today is to achieve weight loss, here are a few exercises that will help you achieve it.


Pushups is one of the best exercises to put strength on the upper part of the body and work the other parts of the body such as the chest, triceps and shoulder muscles. It also acts as a catalyst for building up of the core stabilizer muscles in the midsection, especially when one pulls the body straight throughout the push up motion. If you have just got on with pushups and therefore, cannot do more than a few, start with a half push up i.e. with knees resting on the floor instead of the feet. Once you have successfully completed 10 to 20 pushups without taking rest in between, try transcending to sets.


Squats are great if you want to build strength and tone the butt and thighs. Although, squats are easy to start with, they get the heart pumping and legs burning minutes after the first squat. To do squats, separate your feet at least shoulder-width apart with arms folded in front of your chest. Lower your butt towards the floor in this position and until the thighs is only a few inches away from the floor. Stay in the position for a few seconds and repeat as many times as possible. If you experience discomfort or difficulty in balancing, widen the stance until you are comfortable.


Lunges help in getting the thighs to work-out and tighten the bottom part of the body. Considering that lunges involve one leg at a time, they can seem de-motivating or difficult to perform in the beginning, but if you keep at the exercise, you will eventually learn to master it surprisingly quickly. To do lunges, stand with the feet together and hands on either sides. Push one leg forward and lower your bag pushing your knee to bend half. Stay in the position for a while before repeating the same. Once you are done with the right leg, switch to the other feet. Looking at a wall while doing the exercise is a good way of performing the exercise. In fact, looking at the wall while doing lunges will help improve concentration.


Bodyweight dips are great in strengthening and toning the triceps. Most women have fat deposits at the rear of their arms, which makes the area look fatter than the rest of the body. A dip, therefore, makes itself mandatory to be included in the exercise regime. Similar to a pushup, a dip is categorized into two: full-body dips and half dips. Full-body dips mandate the availability of special exercise equipments or dip bars that allow one to suspend his or her bodyweight upright above the ground. Full-body dips are hard to perform, especially when given an attempt initially. If full-body dips are new to you, consider starting with half dips. Half dips make use of a couple of chairs, a bench or something that is reasonably above the ground. To perform a half dip stand in front of a chair or bench, bend down and place hands on over the edge of the bench. Without moving the hands, place the feet forward. Lower the bottom towards the floor by bending the arms. Wait for a while and come back to the starting position slowly and repeat.

Chin ups

Chin up helps one build a robust back, arms and shoulders. This exercise can be performed with different kinds of hand grips such as an underhand grip with hands shoulder-width apart or forward grip with hands wider than the shoulder. Irrespective of what grip is used, the chin up will seem difficult in the beginning. If you cannot do a full chin up, step on a chair or block to raise the body and step on the side of the chair or block and lower the body without any support.

These exercises are sure to seem difficult in the beginning, but will become easy once mastered. Ensure that you go through each step of every exercise before attempting one.


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