Weight Loss Advice you’ve Never Heard

Updated at: Nov 04, 2011
Weight Loss Advice you’ve Never Heard

If you find yourself bored with the usual weight loss advice, try out some new and innovative ideas for keeping yourself on track for losing weight.

Vatsal Anand
Weight ManagementWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Nov 04, 2011

Weight loss advice you are never heard

Are you done with all the usual weight loss advice such as having eating vegetables, managing portion size and working out more? Do you feel these are too generic to consider trying? May be some new fresh ideas can help to bring the enthusiasm back for getting the lean figure you always wanted. By modifying the way you eat, adding some new food items, and learning new strategies for monitoring your progress and staying on track.


Ever tried Barley for breakfast?


Swedish researchers have found that having barley for breakfast helps to manage your blood sugar. This is because barley, and also rye kernels have a low glycemic index, which means they do not bring blood sugar up as fast as some other carbohydrate foods. You do not need to endure the drop and rise of blood sugar that exhausts you. You need to be particular about not having processed barley for best health benefits. So, get minimally processed hull barley, and avoid its processed forms such as pearl barley.


Add some nutritious dressing to your lunch salad


A common mistake dieters make is to not include any fulfilling ingredient in their lunch salad. It may bring down the caloric intake but leaves them feeling hungry at mid afternoon. So temper your salad with proteins and healthy fats. Add a handful of paneer and you would have served two purposes. One, it would give you adequate amount of protein along with calcium, and two, you would not feel like eating till evening.


Snack on fruits, veggies and pickles


If you find slicing, dicing and preparing fruits and vegetables too much trouble, get the frozen variety and stock up your refrigerator with them. Although, it is far more nutritious and healthy to have fresh vegetables, having frozen foods would at least be better than reaching for those salty fried wafers. You might want to cook them to keep ready at hand whenever the craving comes. Mix them in soups, add to salads or just chomp them plain!


Healthier food for larger plates


You might have heard the advice of managing your portions by having smaller plates for your food. So, what have you done with the larger ones? Do not dispose them, but use them for salads. You can have as much salad as you like, without worrying about portion size.


Banaba leaf tea


Yes, its banaba, much different from banana. It is a great drink to lower your blood sugar. High blood sugar is linked to weight gain and even causes diabetes in some cases.


Monitor your progress with a tight outfit


If you have a pair of pants that fits tight, but still wearable, try it out every Friday morning. A weekend morning is the real test of your weight loss resolution. If they fit as tight as last time, you will want to stick to your plan so that they fit better the next weekend. If you find them a bit loose, you are doing well.


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