Weight Gain Supplements

Updated at: Jan 25, 2012
Weight Gain Supplements

Weight Gain Supplements has been regarded as a easier but effective ways to gain weight. Chosing a weight gain supplemet is necessary beacuse each supplement has its own pros and cons.

Bhadra Kamalasanan
Weight ManagementWritten by: Bhadra KamalasananPublished at: Jan 18, 2012

Weight gain supplements

Weight gain supplements help suit the earthy nature of human beings of wanting an edge in everything including weight gain. Weight gain supplements quantify the weight gain plan by promising an easier and quick achievement of goals. Weight gain supplements advertise a quick building of muscles for those who, otherwise, have a hard time putting on weight. The manufacturers assert the importance of weight gain supplements especially for athletes to help them perform better and gain a competitive edge. There are varieties of weight gain supplements, but it is important for one to understand the importance of knowing their pros and cons.


Quick results

Weight gain supplements claim to provide a quick weight gain and muscle-building. The products promise to work in 6 to 8 weeks provided the consumer follows other diet and exercise related parameters along with taking the supplements.

Works best with other weight gaining strategies

Weight gainers or weight gain supplements give the consumers the desired results, but, as mentioned before, only when followed with other weight gain strategies. The strategies that work best with weight-gain supplements depend on one’s body’s chemistry and will most likely include factors such as eating more calories than you burn, pursuing a work out regime that is grounded on muscle-building, eating protein etc.


To derive the exact side effects of weight gainers may not be possible, but make sure to read the fine print that comes with the supplement. There are supplements that contain an excess of sugar and can therefore, cause an insulin spike. One of the symptoms of a sudden insulin spike is headache. To make sure that you are not pulled into buying a supplement that is high on sugar, read the composition printed on the jar before purchasing it. Supplements that have an excess of testosterone will increase the vulnerability to an enlarged prostate or prostate cancer. Some users may even experience shrinkage of the testicle/s. Users, who indulge in an extensive use of the supplements, may have a greater risk of heart disease and sleep apnea. Excess of testosterone may cause acne.


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