Weight gain exercises for women

Updated at: Sep 11, 2017
Weight gain exercises for women

Most women around you seem to be obsessed with losing weight, but what happens if you want to gain weight? Squat, push ups and deadlift are some of the best weight gain exercise for women to help gain weight.

Bushra Kafeel
Weight ManagementWritten by: Bushra KafeelPublished at: Sep 11, 2017

Most women around you seem to be obsessed with losing weight, but what happens if you want to gain weight? You can gain weight if you eat more and recover better. The right kind of exercises are those which stimulate large muscle groups and aid in building well-toned muscles are best for weight gain.

weight gain for women

Bench press

This exercise will help you gain weight on your chest area working the pectorals. To do barbell bench press

  • lay down on bench press machine.
  • grip the bar at shoulder width.
  • now take the weight of bar and slowly lower it about three inches above the chest.
  • when you feel tension on your chest, but the bar back up to full extension.

Practice barbell bench press with light weight till you achieve good form. After which you can gradually shift to heavy weight.


Deadlifts build legs, middle and lower back and forearms muscles. To do the exercise place the barbell on the floor and:

  • bend your knees with feet hip-distance apart till you can firmly grip the barbell in both hands.
  • slowly raise your while keeping your back straight.
  • now, squeeze your shoulder blades behind you.
  • tuck your tailbone slightly.
  • hold for few second and slowly reverse the movement till barbell touches the floor again.

Repeat the entire process without letting the barbell completely rest on the floor.


Lunge is a weight training exercise that aims to strengthen quadriceps muscles and gluteal muscles.

  • start with dumbbell in each hand.
  • stand with feet placed hip-distance apart.
  • keep your torso upright and place your right foot a couple of front of you.
  • lower down till your right quadriceps are parallel to the floor. While doing this make sure that your knees does not extend forward your toes.
  • push yourself back to starting position by making use of your quad strength.

Using quad strength, push yourself back to starting position and repeat with your other leg. Hold heavier dumbbells to intensify the workout.


One of the effective weight gain exercises for women is squat. Squats work for the entire lower body such as glutes, calves, hamstrings, lower back and abdomen muscles.

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