Ways to treat bone cancer

Updated at: Jun 10, 2016
Ways to treat bone cancer

The most common way to treat bone cancer is surgery which involves the removal of tumour from the body. Treatment for bone cancer depends on the location, size, type and stage of the cancer.

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Bone cancer treatment depends on the location, size, type and stage of the cancer. The doctor diagnoses the condition and depending on the progress of the condition, a treatment is provided. Most experts can tell if the condition can be cured or not, and  if the condition has reached an advanced stage, bone cancer treatment can be given to limit  its dissemination and to increase the life span of the patient.

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A research at the University of Minnesota Cancer Centre to establish a link between genes and bone cancer. Dr Logan Spector, who headed the research, believed that some correlation existed between diet, family history, physical activities, lifestyle and the occurrence of bone cancer.

Surgery to treat Bone cancer

Patients suffering from bone cancer are treated using surgery which involves the removal of the tumour from the body. In severe cases, the arm or the leg of the patient is amputated to get rid of the tumour cells. In certain cases  where surgery can be prevented; chemotherapy and radiation therapy are given to patients and depending upon the severity of the situation, chemotherapy may be performed after surgery.


Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy includes the use of radiation to diagnose the condition and destroy the tumour, as tumour cells divide very fast. 3-D Conformal Radiation, Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy, External Beam Radiation and TomoTherapy HI-ART can be used to target the tumour cells. Radiation damages normal cells during therapy so the patient is provided with nutritional supplements and emotional support to recover from illness and to fight infection.



Chemotherapy kills and restricts the growth of harmful cells. The patient is monitored for three to five days after getting the treatment to prevent a recurrence of the condition.


Biotherapy or immunotherapy

Immunotherapy or biotherapy is the method used to reduce the side effects of the treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Generally, it includes a mix of a few therapies such as pain management, nutritional therapy and spiritual support.


Generally, bone cancer treatment involves a dedicated team of surgeons, radiation therapists and oncologists. Prior to surgery, chemotherapy may be given to patients to promote a positive outcome. Bone cancer treatments are often associated with side effects such as changes in mood, memory, constipation and drowsiness, so the patient should be is screened regularly to assess the effect of the treatment. Patients suffering from bone cancer require proper healing and emotional support in order to achieve effective results from the treatment. A pain management therapy is provided to get relief from pain, and nutritional therapy is given to reduce the side effects of the treatments that cause malnutrition and improve the overall condition of the body. The survival of the patient depends on the type of cancer and their response to the treatment.


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