Ways to Handle a Crying Baby

Updated at: Jul 07, 2011
Ways to Handle a Crying Baby

Newborn Care- Crying is the baby's way to communicate, they usually cry for some specific reason. This article includes some of the ways to handle a crying baby.

Aditi Dasgupta
Newborn CareWritten by: Aditi DasguptaPublished at: Jul 07, 2011

Babies cry for some specific reason. This is fairly predictable as they rely on someone who initially provides for them and that is their parents. Therefore, their crying sessions are limited to food, comfort/discomfort, warmth, and lack of sleep. Read on to know the various ways to handle a crying baby:


  • Crying is usually the baby’s way of communication. Usually mothers figure out the reason for the crying but as a new parent, it often leaves them baffled and upset. Try picking up the baby and cuddle if it’s not their usual time for food. They might be crying because they want to pass stool or simply want a hug from the mother.
  • A parent must understand the different crying patterns over a period of time in order to anticipate the needs of the child. The initial ways to figure the reason out is to try and detect all the possible ways for the crying to stop. Look for an eye contact from the child. However, this usually happens when the child grows up.
  • Try and soothe the baby. Most babies cry right after they wake up from sleep and don’t see anyone around. Another reason can be when they wake up from sleep due to noise. In these cases, try to calm the baby down and introduce them to some distraction such as cartoons on the television or some nursery rhymes.
  • At times, you would notice that as soon as milk or food comes into the room, the baby stops crying. Learn to take the indications. Similarly, figure out the time for passing stool, changing diapers, taking a nap and other daily activities to keep a better track of the child’s needs.
  • Check your baby’s nappy from time to time; for example in a gap of two to three hours and see if it needs a replacement.
  • Find a tune or a rhythm to which the baby responds. Many happy children often sing tunes which they pick up if played repeatedly.
  • Keep them close. Often unattended babies or babies being left with baby sitters do not find that same warmth that a mother or a father can give. This is one of the best ways to handle a crying baby.
  • At times, the baby might cry for seeking attention. The best way is to leave them on the floor with some new toys but within close observation. Let them cry for a while you pretend to not hear them.
  • Grandparents, relatives and friends who meet the baby more often can come to your rescue.


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