Ways to fight back pain

Updated at: Feb 01, 2013
Ways to fight back pain

A few days of sore back, then momentary relief, but it strikes again, and again. This is how back pain functions, it comes and goes and this pattern becomes unbreakable in some time.

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PainWritten by: Editorial TeamPublished at: Feb 01, 2013

A few days of sore back, then momentary relief, but it strikes again, and again. This is how back pain functions, it comes and goes and this pattern becomes unbreakable in some time. What aggravates and helps back pain maintain this flawless consistency is your negligence. The way you sit, walk, stand, everything slowly builds up to that sudden pain attack.


Relief in sight


A painful back is the biggest hindrance to comfort. It meddles with the way you want to sit, stand, bend, and whatever little movement you make. So why not make a few changes in your lifestyle to make yourself comfortable and relax when you have a sore back. These simple steps are not only relief techniques for back pain but can also help you get rid of postures that contribute to the building up of back pain.


-         Bathroom


Using the bathroom can be dreaded thought for people with a back problem. Here are a few simple adjustments you can make in the bathroom if anyone in the family has back problem:

  • Use a raised toilet seat which makes it much easier to get up and sit down for people with lower back problem.
  • Install grab bars to provide support and aid movement in the bathroom. Grab bar near the toilet seat and near the shower area are a must.
  • Raise the sink or wash basin to a comfortable height so that no bending is required.
  • Good bath mats are a must to avoid falls as bathroom floors can get extremely slippery.
  • It is a good idea to invest in an in-shower seat for a more comfortable shower without putting any strain on the back.

-         Bedroom


Your mattress is supposed to be an abode of relief and relaxation. Don’t let it become a cause of back pain. Make a few changes to prevent your bedroom from becoming a contributor to your back pain instead of a relaxing place.

  • Opt for a firm mattress as it aids movements on the bed without twisting your back.
  • For side sleepers, it is advisable to get a sleep pillow to be put between the knees to keep the posture straight while sleeping.

-         Living room


Make your living area a pain free zone. A few modifications are all that is required to get relief from back pain in the part of the house where you spend most of your day.

  • Get a high arm chair or sofa. Chairs or sofas with deep seats put immense strain on the back and getting up from them can be a nightmare for people with back problems. Experts advise that when seated, your knees should be at a right angle to your body and never below the level of the hips. If the level of knees is lower than the hips, getting up puts excessive strain on the lower back and a simple activity as getting up from a chair can be extremely painful.
  • Use lumbar cushions as support to keep your back straight. Bending your spine is the worst thing you can do aggravate your back pain. Lumbar cushions or other supports can be used to help keep the back straight while you are sitting or resting. However caution has to be observed while using these cushions as unnecessarily hard or large cushions can again put your spine in pain.


A simple fight


A few lifestyle changes can help you get your ‘back in shape’. Most of the times simple, everyday and indispensable activities like sitting in a chair or sleeping posture become the greatest contributors to back pain. Hence it is important that if you suffer from back problems, you take extra care to keep your spine straight and postures correct to avoid putting extra strain on your back.


Put your life back in gear, sit and walk with ease, just incorporate these simple changes in your lifestyle and let back pain never come back.



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