Ways to Enjoy a Blind Date

Updated at: Jan 10, 2014
Ways to Enjoy a Blind Date

Dating Tips - Looking for ways to enjoy a blind date? Here are some tips that will surely help you enjoy your date.

Bushra Kafeel
DatingWritten by: Bushra KafeelPublished at: Jun 17, 2011

Ways to Enjoy a Blind DateOn a blind date you are clueless about what or how it is going to turn out. If you are hopping to-and-fro with anxiety and nervousness, with a little presence of mind you can enjoy your blind date and make it a memorable experience.



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Drop your Expectations


Most people going for blind dates keep a lot of expectations. If you are walking in with expectations, you are already ruining your dating experience. Decide to have fun irrespective of what your date will be like. Even if it doesnt turn out to be the perfect date you had fantasised, you surely will have sweet experiences to share with your friends. So, drop your expectation levels and live the moment.


Leave all your Anxieties


Remember that you have nothing to lose, so leave all the insecurities and anxieties associated with blind dates. For instance, if you are not sure how you look or your new hair cut is making you uncomfortable, don’t let it bother you or your date.



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Wear something you Love


Feeling good about your date is the first step towards being comfortable. Wearing something you really like can help you walk in confidently and not be conscious. Avoid being scantily clad because while it may not be awkward for you it could possibly unnerve your date.



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Avoid Alcohol


Avoid alcohol before you go for a date . Not being able to control flurring emotions or gestures because of alcohol will make you look sloppy and unattractive.


Don’t Complain


Try not to be a snob and avoid cribbing about petty issues. If your date is complaining about something, try to change the topic and avoid the situation by diverting their attention to something different.



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Maintain a Positive Frame of Mind


To enjoy a blind date, it is very important to remain positive and calm. Since you are meeting someone for the first time, it is possible that you may not like him/her at first. Try to enjoy his/her company; remember that even the most awkward situations have something funny in them.


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