5 Ways to Burn Off Holiday Calories

Updated at: Feb 04, 2013
5 Ways to Burn Off Holiday Calories

Burning off holiday calories should be your primary focus before you engage yourself in dieting regimes. Let’s first look at some simple ways of burning off holiday calorie

Rory Coen
Sports and FitnessWritten by: Rory CoenPublished at: Oct 20, 2011

If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime; that’s a useful mantra to heed when dealing with over-indulgence during the holiday season. The New Year brings with it resolutions of healthy and better living, but burning off holiday calories should be your primary focus before you engage yourself in dieting regimes. Let’s first look at some simple ways of burning off holiday calories.


Walk: It doesn’t matter where you have to go, walk it; leave the car where it is. Power walking with intensity is a super way to burn calories fast. You can make it a fun exercise too, by bringing the dog or a friend with you. The key is to keep a constant pace and don’t let up. If you find the dog is slowing you up, then bring him for his exercise another time; these power walks need intensity.


Yard work: There always sweeping, digging, raking or cleaning to be done around the yard or garden during the winter months. Use your condition as a reason to get out there and get these chores done. Yard work is strenuous and requires a lot of effort; you’ll be surprised at how it burns off holiday calories.


Spring cleaning: It’s a bit early for “spring-cleaning”, but if you want to know how to burn off holiday calories, this is certainly a productive way. Scrubbing and washing floors, shelves, windows and doors; vacuuming ever corner of every room. You’ll have your house spick and span in a number of hours and you’ll feel a lot better for it as well.     


The above methods of burning calories – whilst pragmatic – have limitations of course. There are more arduous activities you can involve yourself in which will burn off holiday calories with more efficiency. They might not align with the functional merits of spring cleaning or yard work, but they will get the job done a bit quicker.


Jogging: Get out and start jogging. This is a step above power walking and whilst you probably won’t have as much staying power or stamina at first, it will come with practice. You’ll sweat a lot more and you’ll feel the pain, which is a sign of those holiday calories burning. You pain, no gain.


Play a sport: Have you an interest in playing some sport? What did you enjoy playing as a child or as a student? Why not rekindle those days; the chances are you’ll be a lot better than you think. See if it’s available in your locality, get motivated to become a member and give it some serious time and attention. Sports like badminton, tennis, basketball, soccer, swimming or athletics all involve commitment and effort, but they are enjoyable and sociable experiences. What’s more, you’ll be burning off holiday calories in super-quick time.



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