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Ways to be a Perfect Birth Partner

Updated at: Dec 07, 2011
Written by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Nov 30, 2011
Ways to be a Perfect Birth Partner

Being happy, flexible, helping in relaxation techniques and encouraging your partner are some ways of being the perfect birth partner.

Ways to be a perfect birth partner

Having a baby is one of the greatest moments for a dad, no less than a mom. It can be unnerving to find your loved one in pain but expectant dads need to be their partner’s birth partner. You need to be aware of what goes through with your wife’s emotions and be a supportive and helping person in these life-changing moments.

Follow some tips given below and you will be perfect as a birth partner:

  • Be prepared to face it – Make yourself as much prepared as possible. Take stock of what is going on and do things like reading on pregnancy books to get the much needed or useful information. You should be aware of when to expect what. However, do not pester the medical staff with too many questions just because you have read a few books on pregnancy and delivery.
  • Be flexible – You should know that one strategy for labour need not necessarily work with all women. Make sure that you drop the one that does not. Discuss with your wife about the options available to you and take initiative based on her preferences.
  • Encourage your partner – Keep encouraging your partner about having a baby and how great it would be when it is all over. Saying that you are proud of her and of course, that you love her would motivate her no end.
  • Relaxation techniques – You need to play a very active role in keeping your partner relaxed by using the relaxation techniques such as deep breathing. You are the best person to help your partner at this stage. Making her relaxed may also mean using the TENS machine and helping her into comfortable positions to help in labour.
  • Communicate – Being actively involved in your partner’s labour also means helping her communicate. As she continues to have labour, you might be required to communicate for her, especially when she is in labour. It is all right to ask questions of the mid wife and if your partner wants to inform something urgent.
  • Be happy – Whatever you plan on doing, do not look stressed about it. Try to put on a positive face to everything that is happening, even if it horrifies you. The vaginal discharge during labour can leave you nauseous or even the unsightly passing of stool or urine. Instead of making faces, smile and give her a kiss for motivation.


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