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5 Ways to Impress Her without Spending a Fortune

Dating By Vatsal Anand , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Oct 21, 2011
5 Ways to Impress Her without Spending a Fortune

5 Ways to Impress Her without Spending a Fortune:Know about the ways that can make your girl happy without spending a lot. You can keep her impressed without worrying about digging deep into your pocket!

5 Ways to Impress Her without Spending a Fortune

If you think the only way to impress your lady is by buying expensive gifts or taking her to fancy restaurants, you might be in for a surprise. These things are important if you can afford them but not indispensable. Women would be much more impressed and happy if you could do those little things such as giving compliments and listening to her when she wants to pour out her emotions. So what are those little things a woman would lover her man to do?

It is not possible to mention everything but such a list would include the following –


Throw compliments


Women want to feel pretty and they like nothing better than their man showering her with praises. Just letting her feel so from time to time would make her much happier than an expensive gift or outing. Keep the compliments coming for her activities at home too, such as cooking and decoration. Saying things like “The dinner was fabulous today!” or “That vase look perfect on the drawing room table!” would make her feel special.


Listen to her


Men often make the mistake of trying to suggest a solution for women. This is not what they look for always. Many times they just want to get it off their chest. So do not offer a solution before she asks for it. It can actually upset her. All she would want to do is to express herself without being interrupted. Many times what they need is a sympathetic ear rather than a problem solving brain.


Plan for special occasions


The special occasions need not be only birthdays or anniversary. Make a list of special days such as the day you met or the day you kissed for the first time. Plan on spending quality time together on these days. It does not have to be expensive. Cooking a special meal or taking home something special as a surprise can do wonders.


The affectionate touch


Women like to be touched as an affectionate gesture rather than a sexually suggestive one. Simple acts like running your hand through her hair or clasping her hand casually would make her feel that you love her. Women would like such touches much more as these show that you care and not lust for her.


Discuss the day at work with her


After coming home from work, relate the experiences of the day with your loved one. She would appreciate this and it would strengthen the bond between the two of you.

This list is not exhaustive by any stretch of the imagination but it does point you in the right direction to impress your girl. Along with the expensive gifts from time to time, these gestures are much more important for keeping her happy.


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