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4 DIY Exercises to Flatten Stomach after Pregnancy

Updated at: Oct 30, 2013
Written by: Arka Roy ChowdhuryPublished at: Jan 16, 2013
4 DIY Exercises to Flatten Stomach after Pregnancy

Is your stomach inflated after delivery? Don’t panic, resort to these simple exercises that you can perform in order to flatten your stomach.

You have delivered a lovely little baby and your family’s joy has no end. Everyone is jubilant but only you are still a little worried. You still look huge and mushy; you have lost that figure that you once flaunted so proudly. If you are looking for some magic work then don’t, you will have to rise and get fit. You will need to get into your workout mode, don track pants and exercise in order to flatten your stomach post pregnancy.

flat stomach after pregnancyTake a look at the exercises below to get in shape.

Post Natal Sit Ups – You can start with this simple exercise. This will help flatten your stomach with a little effort and time from your side. Lie on your back and then bend both your knees. Now squeeze your abdominal muscles by contracting them towards the spine. Only do lift your head off the floor and exhale as you come up. This exercise can be done throughout the day at regular intervals of your choice.

Crunches –
Move to the real deal after the first exercise. Lie with your back on the floor then put your feet on the floor; bent both your knees and place your hands behind your neck to support your head. Press your lower back into the floor and then lift your head and shoulders off the ground. Repeat this exercise 10-15 times. Increase difficulty levels by lifting your feet off the floor during repetitions. Also bring in some variations like tilting your legs to the side and reaching for the opposite knee as you go up. This is done so that you tone the oblique muscles on the sides of your torso.

Leg Slides –
This exercise is an abdominal strengthening exercise that can be added to your exercise routine one month after delivery. For this exercise, lay on your back with your knees bent up towards the ceiling. Contract abdominals and push the small of your back into the floor as you exhale. Then slowly move both of the legs away from the body and be sure to use the stomach muscles to keep your back against the floor. When the back begins to arch, pull the legs back into the starting position

Exercise Ball –
Taking on the exercise ball is another great way of flattening your stomach. Ball crunches are similar to regular crunches. But here you'll be adding the element of balance, which makes your moves a bit more challenging. There are numerous ways of doing exercises with a ball, get a personal trainer or visit a gym where you will be guided well.


Always remember to consult a doctor to find out your eligibility to perform such exercises.


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