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Ways to Discipline a Screaming Child

Updated at: Jul 11, 2011
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Written by: Jenita GulatiPublished at: Jul 11, 2011
Ways to Discipline a Screaming Child

Kids (4-7)- Some children scream to show their displeasure towards certain thing while the others do so due to certain behavioural disorder such as autism. Here are some of the ways to discipline a screaming child.

Children scream to show their displeasure towards anything or when their desires are not fulfilled. There are certain ways to discipline a screaming child and they are as follows:


  • Firstly, assure yourself that screaming of your child is a behavioural issue and not developmental or biological because children suffering from problems such as autism or those who have hearing problems tend to scream too. Once you are sure it is behavioural, begin disciplining your child.
  • Be patient, maintain your calm and don’t lose your temper while explaining your kid in simple words understood by him that there is no benefit of screaming and it is not appropriate.
  • Explain by narrating stories and giving examples because stories interest children. These tales get stored in their subconscious mind if told repeatedly.
  • Set rewards for your child. Children often get influenced easily so if they are told that they will get a chocolate (or whatever they like) if they stop screaming or don’t scream for the day then they may take up the challenge for getting the reward.
  • Besides rewards  set some punishments too. For example if they will scream they will not be allowed to watch T.V. for the whole day.
  • Make sure you are doing what you are saying. If he/she doesn’t scream then don’t forget to give a chocolate otherwise he/she will not be motivated. Similarly if he/she screams then don’t allow them to watch T.V. otherwise they will not take your warnings seriously.
  • Focus more on the relationship you share with your child. Parents play a vital role in the formation of good habits.
  • If your words are not creating magic then act.  If your child screams in public, then immediately take them away. Go to a silent spot and sit with them, away from the fun. Do not give in to their tears for some time. This way they will know that their tantrums are not working.
  • Physical punishment is not going to work because punishments may negatively impact your child and he may not improve.


A lot of patience is needed by parents towards their children. A good quality relationship between parents and children can make a lot of difference in the habits and the behaviour of the child.


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