Wave goodbye to obesity

Updated at: Jan 20, 2011
Wave goodbye to obesity

Irregular meals at odd intervals and changing lifestyle are the main causes for obesity. Health has taken a backseat and people are hardly following any healthy eating habits.

 Priyanka Narula
Weight ManagementWritten by: Priyanka NarulaPublished at: Jan 20, 2011

Irregular meals at odd intervals and changing lifestyle are the main causes for obesity. Health has taken a backseat and people are hardly following any healthy eating habits.


If you are obese, you need to be really careful about your diet. Food is the utmost necessity for a human being and the health of a person entirely depends on the quality and quantity of food one consumes," advises Neeraj Dhingra, nutrition consultant and dietician.


There are some important foods that the obese populace must consume in order to stay fit and firm.


Dr Dhingra advises a healthy diet for obese people and a healthy lifestyle to overcome the problem of obesity:

  • One should always take a large amount of fruits and vegetables that are a great help in the development of fibre and energy in our body.
  • Intake of whole grains and fibre content should be increased.
  • Obese people must always substitute sweetener for sugar.
  • Meals must be broken and then consumed 5-6 times a day instead of three times. Big meals must always be split into small meals and must be taken at intervals.
  • A balanced diet for an obese person comprises of intake of 40 per cent carbohydrates, 40 per cent protein and 20 per cent fat split. The diet chart for an obese person consists of carbohydrates, protein and fats.
  • Obese people while trying to lose weight should primarily keep in mind that the foods should be taken in biggest proportion in the morning and in the smallest proportion for dinner.
  • In one meal, you must take three items, for example, one dal, one vegetable and one chapatti. If you take more than three items in one meal, then extra calories will collect which will lead to fat collection in your body making you obese.

Essential food components


Carbohydrates can be taken in a small amount. Some important healthy complex carbohydrates include oatmeal, whole wheat bread, brown rice and whole wheat pasta. Your protein requirements can be met by intake of fish, turkey, eggs but less of yolks, fat free peanut butter, fat free cottage cheese, skimmed milk or fat free yogurt.


Also, other important things that are important for a healthy mind, body and soul is the proper consumption of major nutrients like minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and a lot of other things.

  • Minerals, carbohydrates, protein should be taken in proper proportion by both obese and normal weighed persons.
  • Also, your BMI (Body Mass Index) must be between 18 and 22, so eat right.
  • Garlic, oats, and whole grains can be consumed.
  • Instead of maida bread and maida items like noodles, one should consume wheat products more like brown bread and brown rice.
  • Boiled rice is a complete no-no because it raises the glycimic level which means the carbohydrate level is increased.

Exercise is necessary


At least, 20 to 30 minutes of exercise is necessary. Aerobics plays a great role in helping you stay in shape and making you fit and firm and also tones up your muscles. 
Eat right and in a desired quantity and exercise even harder to maintain that balance. Wave obesity a goodbye and stay fit and be proud of your body.




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