Want To Lose A Few Pounds? Quit These 9 Harmful Morning Habits That Cause Weight Gain

Updated at: Jan 11, 2021
Want To Lose A Few Pounds? Quit These 9 Harmful Morning Habits That Cause Weight Gain

Many people were an easy target of weight gain due to the lockdown. Here are some harmful morning habits that you should quit to lose extra pounds.

Navya Kharbanda
Weight ManagementWritten by: Navya KharbandaPublished at: Jan 11, 2021

There are a lot of things that are directly or indirectly associated with weight loss and gaining weight. Not just your eating habits, but many other factors contribute towards weight management. There are many rules that one has to follow for successful weight loss. And, if you are habitual to doing or following something, it might get difficult to give up instantly. In fact, we all were going through a drastic routine change during the lockdown. Pandemic made us even more addicted to things like unhealthy munching and irregular sleeping pattern which are hard to leave now. And, most people eat less to maintain their shape but fail to understand the other reasons linked to weight management. An individual's morning routine plays a major role to lose or gain weight. Morning schedule and its control is in your own hands. Therefore, read further to know about some harmful habits that cause weight gain and you should quit right now.

Harmful morning habits

Being overweight can cause many serious health problems. So, it is important to shed the extra pounds to prevent diseases. If you are not able to lose weight quickly or if you are gaining weight unnecessarily, then there might surely be some underlying medical condition or a lifestyle mistake that you are making. Here are 9 harmful morning habits that cause weight gain:

1. Skipping breakfast

skipping breakfast

Skipping your breakfast is never a good choice. The first meal of your day has to be healthy and filling. By not eating anything in the morning, your whole day might even go lazy and stressful. It is important to eat something for breakfast as you have fasted the whole night. The time gap between meals should not be too long. After a few hours of sleep, your body requires nutrition and strength to enhance the metabolism, that you should provide through breakfast. One should eat breakfast maximum by 11 am and eat wisely to avoid weight gain.

2. Not exercising

Working out helps with weight loss and weight gain, and is extremely beneficial for your body. It does not only cures health problems but plays a major role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Increase your physical activity and exercise daily if you are gaining weight. Especially, morning exercise should be preferred instead of evening workout. You can do both, but some physical activity in the morning is necessary. Early morning anaerobic exercises give even more effective weight loss results. Some physical activities like exercise, walking, running, swimming and dancing are important for many other bodily functions too. No physical activity can be a major issue for your overall health. Body inactivity can lead to weight gain.

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3. Drinking less water

You should try and consume a glass water as soon as you wake up. Moreover, consuming enough water in a day is never bad unless your body retains fluids. Drinking enough water is also an essential part of a weight loss journey. You should quit the habit of less water intake and make this a morning rule. And, it is also advised to drink atleast 8-9 glasses of water daily to keep yourself hydrated and healthy. Drinking a full glass of water will also help in keeping you full most of the time. Preferably, take warm water as soon as you wake up. It will help in cleaning your body and in boosting metabolism. By staying full with water, you can also avoid excessive calorie intake. Therefore, not drinking enough water is also a morning habit that can cause weight gain.

4. Eating processed food for breakfast

processed food

There are some foods that should be avoid totally to reduce the risk of weight gain and other diseases. And, these should be strictly restricted, especially if you are diabetic or on a weight loss journey. Try taking fruits and vegetables to avoid weight gain. Consuming processed foods for breakfast is one of the most common breakfast mistakes that people make. It will totally defeat the purpose of weight loss and bounce back several inches. Processed foods contain heavy amounts of sugar and salt that can cause unhealthy weight gain. It is specifically not advised to consume these food items in the morning. You should take healthy options like fruits, salad, nuts, milk, oats, sandwiches, muesli, eggs, etc.

5. Lack of yoga or meditation

Meditation and yoga are good habits and should be included in every individual's morning routine. It can help in controlling stress eating and is an aid for your weight loss regime too. Besides that, meditation also helps in curing other health problems such as balancing blood sugar and blood pressure levels. Many doctors also advice to start your day with half an hour of meditation or yoga. This will avoid weight gain and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

6. Excessive sleep

Oversleeping can also increase your level of the appetite triggering hormone cortisol, which may result in overeating. Excessive sleep can also stretch the number of hours between dinner and breakfast, which is not good for the body. Getting enough and good sleep is a good thing. However, oversleeping is not beneficial for your health, as it can even lead to health conditions like cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Sleeping for more than 10 hours a day increases your body mass index. Moreover, taking too much sleep will  delay your breakfast timing and you will end up affecting your metabolism. 

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excessive sleep

7. Eating quickly

In today’s life, everything is getting faster and faster, including how long it takes us to eat. In the world, most of the people have little time to sit down and enjoy there meal. A study shows that most of the people eat too fast, and, as a result, they take in too many calories before they realize they’ve eaten enough. It takes 15 to 20 minutes before the brain realizes that your stomach is full and you don’t need anymore. As a result, you have increased the possibility of overeating and also increased the risk for weight gain.

8. Avoiding measuring weight

Many people even run away from reality and avoid measuring their weight. Well, you might not feel the need to keep a check on your weight, but it might keep increasing drastically without realisation. It is suggested to measure your weight using a weighing machine as soon as you wake up. Adapting this habit as first thing in the morning can prove to be very beneficial. This not only helps in maintaining your weight but also makes you alert at all times. It becomes a deciding factor if you should try gaining or losing weight. Keeping a track of your weight is a good morning habit.


9. Eating as per convenience

Many people eat foods that are easily available or grabby. Even if you are getting late for work, it is not wise to eat as per convenience. As mentioned above, having a healthy breakfast is very important to regulate the whole upcoming day. And when you are trying to have easy foods, the topmost danger becomes junk food. Instead of having snacks that are grabby in the morning, consume home made food and have it peacefully in proper time.

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So, these were some harmful habits that you should give up right now to avoid weight gain. Do not start your day by following the wrong practices. Change your morning habits and make a huge difference by adapting a more healthy lifestyle. Your body as well as mind will also be relaxed if you are healthy and fit!

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