Vector-Borne Diseases: Over 60 Malaria Cases, 27 of Dengue Reported In The Capital

Updated at: Jul 16, 2019
Vector-Borne Diseases: Over 60 Malaria Cases, 27 of Dengue Reported In The Capital

At least 66 malaria cases have been reported in Delhi this year, more than double the number of people affected by dengue, a municipal report released on Monday showed.

Tavishi Dogra
LatestWritten by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Jul 16, 2019

Dengue And Malaria Cases Reported In Delhi-NCR: In the current year, at least sixty-six malaria cases have been registered in the National Capital. A municipal report revealed on Monday that more than double the number of citizens affected by dengue. However, in the month of June fifty-seven of these malaria cases were registered.

In the year 2018, approximately 3000 dengue cases and 4 deaths were registered by the South Delhi Municipal Corporation. SDMC is the official source that tabulates the information on vector-borne ailments across the city.

As per the report, till July 13, 2019, twenty-seven cases of dengue have been registered. It has been classified below:

  • June: sixteen cases 
  • May: three cases 
  • April: two cases
  • March: four cases 
  • February: one case
  • January: one case

Note: Registration of cases of vector-borne afflictions are usually done between July to November, but could extend to mid-December.

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Cases Recorded

The cases were recorded in the following months:


  • May: eight cases
  • April: one case 


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  • June: nine cases 
  • May: one case
  • April: one case
  • March: one case
  • February: two cases

In the year 2018, the dengue victims included a minor boy too.


  • Health experts have suggested people take preventive measures to make sure that there is no development of mosquito larvae around them. Doctors also urged citizens to wear full-sleeves and use mosquito repellents, nets.
  • Water coolers should be completely dried (when not in use). Mosquitoes carrying the virus OF dengue usually develop in such places.
  • The workshop has been organized by several civic bodies, on the precaution of vector-borne ailments.

In the current year, legal notices have been circulated to households, as approximately 40,000 households have been reported with the issue of mosquito-breeding.

Meanwhile, Mayor Anju from East Delhi said that from July 17 to 19 (next three days) following programs will be led by councilors in all the parts of Delhi.

  • awareness drives on dengue
  • awareness camps on malaria
  • public awareness campaign on chikungunya 

Dengue cases in 2018

  • December:  141 cases
  • November: 1,062 cases 
  • October: 1,114 cases 
  • September: 374 cases 
  • August: 58 cases 
  • July: 19 cases  
  • June: 8 cases 
  • May: 10 cases two in 
  • April: 2 cases one in 
  • March: one case
  • February: 3 cases
  • January: 6 cases

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