Vaginal Dryness can cause Painful Intercourse

May 09, 2011

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Vaginal Dryness and Painful Intercourse

Vaginal dryness is a painful condition that can have an adverse impact on the quality of life and sexual relationships. It is a common complaint amongst women in their menopausal and post menopausal stages. Maximum number of postmenopausal women (mostly of 51-60) report dryness of vagina, even though this condition can also arise in women before the onset of menopause.


Vaginal dryness causes painful intercourse due to lack of this natural lubricant. Bartholins glands present at the entrance of the vagina produce moisture for aiding sexual intercourse. This natural lubricant produced at the cervix (neck of womb) slowly moves down the vagina making it supple and moist.  Due to its acidic nature, vaginal discharge may also appear slightly white in colour. Moreover it also keeps the vagina clean by removing the dead cells.


A dry vagina is also prone to infections that make sexual intercourse an inconvenient and painful experience. Being acidic in nature, a moist vagina prevents infection by keeping the area clean and healthy. A large number of women with vaginal dryness experience pain during sexual intercourse.


Most of the women may face the problem of vaginal dryness due to lack of arousal. Certain medications meant for cold and depression can also dry up the mucus membrane and vaginal tissues. The reasons may vary but a dry vagina results in painful sex.


Don’t consider vaginal dryness to be an embarrassing condition instead it is a common problem after menopause.  Discuss the problem with your partner and take medical help for it.

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