User Health Insurance queries Nailed

Updated at: Jan 14, 2013
User Health Insurance queries Nailed

IRDA is doing a wonderful job in regulating insurance industry of this country. You might have had bad experience with a company. Generally it does not happen. But if you lodge claims in 2 successive years- then you will face difficulty.

S. K.Sethi
Health InsuranceWritten by: S. K.SethiPublished at: Jan 14, 2013

Health InsuranceI am unable to work due to Disability. What are my options for health coverage?

It depends on the disability. We suggest that you should buy a health insurance policy. Suppose you are disabled due to poor eyesight, you may not be able to work but you may fall ill and need hospitalization. Insurance company will put eye disease /ailment as pre existing disease and it may not be payable –but there can be hundreds of other ailment and accidental happenings, which get covered.


Can I seek treatment at home and be reimbursed for it under health insurance?

It can be possible in exceptional cases only when there is an epidemic and no beds are available in hospitals. This is called domiciliary treatment in insurance language/terminology.


I might be laid off soon. Should I see my doctor before I lose my insurance?

No purpose will be served by seeing your doctor. You should consult an insurance brokerage firm and buy a health insurance policy which should be in place 30 days before your last day in your company. This protects your interests as on the day you leave the present employer –on the same day cooling off period of your new policy will be over.


Can I buy health insurance policy even if I am not an Indian National but am living in India?

Yes, if you are a student studying in India or you are working on a valid Visa then you can get the policy. But if you are a tourist coming to India for a short duration say 3 weeks then it will not be worthwhile to buy health insurance as 30 days cooling off period will take away the benefits, you are looking for.

Those who are coming for Medical Tourism can not buy the policy and avail the benefit i.e. claim.


I have an impression that the health insurance sector is not regulated in India. If you have a policy and take a claim then next time the insurance companies denies the extension of the policy or minimum they do is to charge very hefty premium. In that case what is the fun in taking medical insurance?

IRDA is doing a wonderful job in regulating insurance industry of this country. You might have had bad experience with a company. Generally it does not happen. But if you lodge claims in 2 successive years- then you will face difficulty.


My son is studying in the USA. I want to take health insurance for him. Will any one guide me which Company in India offers the best policy for an Indian student in the USA?

Ans. Yes – you can contact an insurance brokerage firm and they will give you good choice. You can contact us at Ria (9810090853 or 01141324957)


If I change from one individual health policy to another, can the company impose preexisting condition exclusion on the new policy?

Yes .If you had lodged claim with earlier company then new company will treat the disease as pre existing disease and claim not be payable for next 4 years. If no claim is lodged during next 4 years then, this disease will be deleted from the exclusion list from 5th year onwards.

Am I still covered by Domestic Travel Insurance if I catch a connecting flight to a different destination?

Yes- it is for number of days and it covers all modes of public transport – road, rail & air. It also covers accidents / illness / hospitalization etc.


What can I do if I encounter an accident while covered under Domestic Travel Insurance?

Get treated and it will be paid by the insurance company.


I have health coverage through my employer but i’m leaving my job soon. Though I like my current coverage, I cannot carry it from job to job. What are my options?

Ans. Find out what your pocket can afford. Buy your own health insurance policy.


Should I purchase a combined policy for my parents or separate individual policies as both my parents are visiting me?

Yes – it is better to have combined policy. You can also include their names in family floater policy. You will same money.


S.K. Sethi, Vice President of Insurance Foundation of India answers 10 most frequently asked questions about Health Insurance.



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