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Weight Loss Tips that are Easy to Follow and Effective

Weight Management By Bhadra Kamalasanan , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Dec 18, 2013
Weight Loss Tips that are Easy to Follow and Effective

There is no derth of weight loss tips but whether we follow them should be in question. What we fail to understand is that weight loss requires a change in behaviour before a change in diet.

We all love food and hate dieting just as much, but then, we also fantasise sun bathing in that cute little beach wear. So, is there really a way out from this trap?

Weight loss tipsIf you notice, the best of weight loss tips are those that involve a change in behaviour and attitude towards the socially constructed term called “fatty”. Cleansing yourself with sour treats to keep the sugar away will not take you more than a few days to walk back into your home with a doughnut. Change your behaviour and there you have it, a trim and beautiful body.


Snack Smartly

To munch between meals was what your doctor had been advising you to do and as usual, they still stand right. Nutritionists warn that those on a weight loss thread ignore hunger pangs and take the risk of binging on junk food later. This should strictly be avoided. Instead, you could satiate hunger by eating a healthy grub. Few excellent options include a teaspoon of peanut butter on a piece of fruit, string cheese, roasted slices of bread, roasted peanuts, etc.

Turn the TV Off while Eating

Believe it or not, when you watch the TV while eating, you are taking down 40 per cent more calories than you would usually do if the TV was shut. It doesn’t end at just that. Even driving, texting or engaging in any other distracting activity while eating a meal can make you eat more than what you would have otherwise. Make it a habit to sit down and eat your meals in a place where there is no TV or any other source of distraction.

Check your Weight Every Day

Losing weight is not always an emergency. There are people who do it for leisure and to just keep their body happy and healthy. If you check your weight every day and are intimidated by an increasing scale each day, you know exactly what to do next: beef up your exercise regime or like cut back on food a little. Besides, the number on your weighing scale can motivate you to keep at your weight loss regime.

Direct your Craving to a Friend

Cravings are sure to come by even if you are known to have a pathetic appetite. But, there is an amazing way of dealing with such cravings: just dial your friend’s number and redirect your mind to something else like what she was doing, etc. According to several researches, cravings do not last for more than 5 minutes. So, by the time you have ended your conversation, you would also have forgotten about the craving.

Of all the tips given, the best one that remains is conjuring up and image about yourself the way you would like to be and you would see yourself getting closer.


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