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US FDA approves First HIV-Preventive Drug

Snr By Gunjan Rastogi , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jul 18, 2012
US FDA approves First HIV-Preventive Drug

The Food and Drug Administration of the United States of America has approved a drug shown to reduce the risk of HIV infection in the people at extreme risk because of their infected partners. The move will potentially offer a new weapon to counte

US FDA approves First HIV Preventive DrugRecently, the U.S has approved the use of once-a-day pill, which can significantly lower the risk of contracting deadly STI .i.e, HIV infection. The drug, known as Truvuda, has been believed to be beneficial for those, who have sexual relationship with HIV-infected people or those who have a higher risk of contracting HIV provided they take it every day, says Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Two clinical trials were conducted to determine the effectiveness of Truvuda and it was found that it really works to cut the risk of HIV, however, health workers and HIV community groups are opposing the use of once-a-day pill as they fear that its easy availability will inbred a false sense of sexual security in sexually active people. This will mean multiple sex partners with no preventive measures and increased risk of other STDs.


In a statement released by the FDA, it was stressed that Truvuda should be included in the comprehensive HIV prevention plan along with condom use and regular diagnoses for HIV infection.  Some studies have revealed that Truvada alleviates the HIV risk by 44 to 73 per cent in bisexual partners of HIV-positive people and gay partners.



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