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Avoid Unhealthy Sexual Habits

Snr By Editorial Team , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jan 30, 2013
Avoid Unhealthy Sexual Habits

Unhealthy Sexual Habits: Healthy sexuality is as much about physical hygiene as it is about mental attitudes towards sex and avoidance of STD infections.

Unhealthy Sexual HabitsEven in twenty first century metropolitan India, where sex and sexual habits have become a more talked-about and less taboo subject, the conversation about healthy sexual habits is still rather muted. A lot of information that one is exposed to regarding sexuality is to do with either diseases or contraception, and very little attention is paid to sexual attitudes that influence so much of our sex lives. Healthy sexuality is as much about physical hygiene as it is about mental attitudes towards sex.

Barrier contraception, say experts are a highly effective way to ward off diseases that can be transmitted sexually. Some of the commonly used barrier contraceptives (which means using a physical barrier during sexual intercourse) are vaginal diaphragms in women and condoms in men. Several dangerous diseases like genital warts and even cervical cancer can be prevented to a large extent by the use of these barrier contraceptives.

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These diseases are commonly caused by a virus known as the Human Papilloma virus or HPV. This virus is bknown to be transmitted during intercourse and an interesting anecdote has it that cervical cancer has never been known to occur in nuns.

In the day and age in which we live today, multiple sexual partners is a commonly observed phenomena. But this is also highly detrimental to sexual health. Many people do not realist the emotional and physical toll that having multiple partners can have on people.

Not only does it increase your chances of contracting AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) caused by HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), having multiple sexual partners is also a leading cause of the proliferation of other sexually transmitted diseases. The emotional and psychological implications of having multiple partners can also be immense, say doctors.

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While the new age is all about embracing your sexuality and being free, the dangers of unhealthy sexual habits are several and immense. The most potent tool in our arsenal against these various threats is knowledge. Armed with the knowledge of what can happen and how to guard against them, we can proceed to engage actively with prevention. And prevention, as traditional wisdom rightly points out, is better than cure.


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