Understanding diabetes is the key to managing it

Updated at: Sep 28, 2010
Understanding diabetes is the key to managing it

As soon as somebody is diagnosed with diabetes, the very question that arises is, ‘How to cope with it?’ Diabetes is a common disease among Indians, having afflicted more than 30 million.

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DiabetesWritten by: Editorial TeamPublished at: Sep 28, 2010

diabetesAs soon as somebody is diagnosed with diabetes, the very question that arises is, ‘How to cope with it?’ Diabetes is a common disease among Indians, having afflicted more than 30 million. But cure remains elusive, so managing it is the only way out.

Understanding diabetes and proper treatment can make managing diabetes very simple. Here’s how you can manage your diabetes and live a full life.

Lifestyle changes


Improper lifestyle has led to an increase in the number of diabetics. Stressful westernized lifestyle is taking a toll on the health. It is estimated that for each diagnosed case, three undiagnosed cases exist.

Reflect on your present lifestyle and cut down on activities that stress you out. Do not take more than you can handle. Set a time limit and spend quality time with your family and friends. Read something, watch television, go for movies – do things that you enjoy and can help you reduce stress levels. Never underestimate the importance of a good night’s sleep.



Exercise constitutes an important mode of diabetes treatment. Regular exercise increases the number of insulin receptors. These factors reduce blood sugar. It keeps weight in check which, in turn, prevents obesity. It is very crucial for diabetics to exercise as it keeps blood circulation normal. Plain brisk walking is the simplest and safest of all exercises. If a diabetic is suffering from heart problems or renal diseases, then exercises must be undertaken under supervision.



The saying, ‘You are what you eat’, is true. Whatever you eat reflects in the state of your health. Avoid fast foods and eating outside. Eating meals on time is another healthy practice.

For diabetics it is very important to keep a check what is on their plate since they are unable to metabolize nutrients as efficiently and rapidly as a normal person.

A complete balanced diet of home cooked food is best. Fibre-rich foods should be an essential component in the diet. Rice, potatoes and other starchy foods must be avoided. There is nothing better than fruits as dessert.

The total food intake should be divided in as many small meals and snacks as possible. Diabetics taking insulin should space their meals to cover the peak and basal effects of insulin. Consulting physician or dietician makes it easier to maintain a food chart and eat right.

Self monitoring


Self monitoring has, today, become an important part of diabetes management. Regular self-monitoring helps keep a tab on glucose levels. Knowledge of glucose levels enables the patient and the physician to study patterns and steer a patient’s health to near normalcy. A glucose measuring device is a good investment for diabetics.



The medication prescribed by the physician must be followed religiously. Diabetics should carry insulin doses with them. There are also devices available that regulate supply of insulin all the time as they can be kept injected to the body.

A diabetic is usually disheartened by his / her condition. Awareness is the key to live a complete life, avoid interrelated, progressive ailments and enjoy the benefits of good health. Diabetes can be controlled to a large extent by a few lifestyle changes and simplifying diet patterns with regular exercise.

By taking an organized approach, and choosing the correct treatment options, it is possible to control diabetes and its complications to such an extent that one can lead a normal life.



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